Sleepwalking my way through life: Sleepwalking through life

Sleepwalking through life

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That's all you can really say after a week like mine. Let me tell ya...
For one thing. It's been the LONGEST week in the history of weeks. Even though it's only been a 4day school week, it's still dragged on for an eternity.

So what has happened since I last posted? A whole damn lot.


I woke up after another crap nights sleep to find that I slept in. Mum was away in Manchester for another night (She's going every wek now) so she couldn't wake me up. It was annoying. So I get up and rush out the door while stuffing my face wioth toast. I got school to arrive at double Physics first.
Dear God I hate Rosenburg. He just went on and on and on and on. And he ruined a perfectly fun experiment by messing it up. He had to create a vacuum in a glass beaker and weigh it. First he weighed it while it was full of air, then used this cool pump thing to suck out the air, then he measured it again. Here's the odd part. It was heavier. It should've been the opposite way round. We had a bit of a laugh but it still got me kinda fed up. Then Louie was being annoying. She wouldn't stop talking. I think she must have the lung capacity of a whale or something like that with the lack of breaths she took. And then she... Nah, forget it. Lets just say I was in a massive bad mood after wards.
So it was break time. And I made my way over to the usual wall where we stand and talk and bitch and other random shit. So I got there and they instantly started getting at me cos of my costume. They were comenting on how it would be a dress and stuff like that. I shouted at them, they left.
Fucking perfect.
Then maths. That wasn't too bad I guess. Just crappy stuff that we've done over and over and over again. Kinda like Rosenburg. Anyway, we got to leave early to have lunch before the trip, and I just hung around with Maddy and all that. Twas fun I guess. Then we got to the bus. We had this kind of seating thing for the bus. I would sit beside John cos I like talking to him about taking over the world, but we would sit infront of Maddy so we could both listen to music over my CD player and her MP3. But the bus had three seats on one side and two seats on the other. And in all the moving about we got our seats confused and stuff. It ended up with me sitting on the edge with Laurence sitting between me and Maddy. And across from me was Mark with no one beside him. JP was behind me and kept annoying me for the whole trip there, and John was a few hundred seats infront of me. I couldn't talk to Mark much. I was either leaning over Laurance to share head phones with Maddy or we had nothing to talk about.
We finally made it to Edinburgh and got to the theatre. We got to our seats and I sat down in a decent seat between John and JP (Oh goody). But I needed a piss really badly. And so did about 3 other guys so we all got up and edged our way to the edge of the seats and stood in a group infront of this skinny little blonde usher person.
"Where are you going?"
"Right then. You need to hurry up though, this is a locked door performance so the doors are shut as soon as it starts. Which is about 30 seconds."
"Where are the toilets then?"
"Sorry, we only have single stalls. But there are some at each corner of the area. Oh, twenty seconds now"
We all looked at each other and ran. We kinda split up and ran as fast as we could to the corners where the doors were. I bursted into my toilet, relieved myself and shot back out and into my seat. The girls infront were looking at me and wondering how I could pee so fast. I know this cos they asked me.
"How'd you do that?"
"Go so fast!"
And then the play started. It was ok i guess. So characters were different than I expected, and some were just really crap. But there was this sword fight at the end between Hamlet and Leartes that was very class. That sort of scene could either make or break a play. But it was really good, and quite realistic.
Then the bus ride home.
That wasn't so bad. I swapped places with Mark so he could talk to Maddy and I could listen to my CDs in peace. I did this for an hour or so before my mum phoned up on my mobile. It was around 6 and she was wondering why I wasn't home yet. I let her rant at me for a bit about how I was out at the centre and about how I was grounded and stuff before I said "I'm on the bus"
"I don't care! You're still in trouble!"
"Mum. I'm on the bus from Edinburgh"
"I just finished watching Hamlet. It was quite a good play, some bad acting but it was still good"
"And I'll be home about the time I said I was gonna be. Maybe about 10minutes later depending if I could get a lift or not. Is that alright?"
"Ok then. I'll see you when you get in"
The rest of the trip was fun too. I started talking to Laura and Jennifer (Another one. There are so many...) about guys and girls. They asked questions about guys and I asked questions about girls. Soon Maddy joined, then Mark, and Paul even woke up from his sleep to have some input. The information will be very useful. And then I walked home. It was fun I guess.
Then I got home. Had dinner. And I just finished it as mum walked in. She was all tired from work so I didn't bring up the phone call. I talked to her about the play and stuff and she said "Well that's it for this week"
"You've seen the play, you went out on Monday and you've got paintball on saturday"
"No sunday, and what do you mean 'That's it?'"
"You're not going out until next week"
"WHAT?!?!? I've got the Key, the school disco and Frances' party!"
"Oh yeah. You can go to the party and the disco but not they Key"
"Fine then"
"What? If that's your tone then you can't go to anything then."
"That's crap. That's crap and you know it"
"Go to your room. Now"
"Doesn't stop it from being crap"
So I went up to my room and started drawing for a while. I got a good picture going aswell. It's like a guy walking with his friends but while they're all happy and stuff he's being all down. Of course this has absoloutly NOTHING to do with me. Anyway, my mum came up and said that I can go to one thing out of the three. She said that I had to go paintballing cos I had already paid for it but i could only choose one of the other three.
So I chose the school disco cos I had already paid for THAT too and i could always skip the Key and Frances won't mind (Much) if I miss her party. Still annoying though.
Watched some of James Bond before going to bed.

That's right people. That was only one day. This shows how looooooooooooong my week was.


RMCE first. Feeney stole my seat so he could sit behind Jen. He likes her so much it's really obvious. I'd be scared if I was her. Anyway, we had to go to an assembly so we all went in to the hall and sat down and got our supported study sheets. Then we got the talk about supported study and stuff like that. After that had ended Mr. McPartlin came on and started talking about the schools merging. He really annoys me. He started off by saying "There are two lines to the school prayer that really relate to us at the moment"
*Shoots himself*
He went on to say that if we wanted lockers, common rooms and stuff like that then we should ask and when we return to the school we can enjoy them.
Hello? What year are we in?
By the time the schools finished we'll be in Uni you dumbass. We won't be able to enjoy the pleasures of a sodding common room. Then a girl infront of me put her hand up and asked if we were getting a formal. And he said that he's too busy, and if he doesn't help then no other teachers will help. So we ain't getting one.
How shit is that?
I know that I might not be there next year, but it's still shit that we're not getting one because you twats are too busy with your heads up your asses to do anything about it.
And we've got this crap traffic system in one of the buildings. You're only supposed to go one way on one floor and another way on the second. So instead of turning right to the class that's two doors down from your other one, you have to go down the stairs, round, then back up again and follow the system again to get your class. So it takes longer to get there and stuff. Idiots.
School finished and I got home literally 2seconds before Chris. He came in the door and shouted "DON'T GO ON THE PC" and he said that if he went on that night then I could have friday night. Which Iwas all happy with. So I watched some tv and got dressed up in my Grim Reaper outfit.
It wasn't too bad. I ripped the neck and I pulled at the sleeves and hem to make it less clingy. I had some trousers on underneath and stuff so it still looked black. then I got this string and tied it round my waist to make it look better. I kept the hood down. With that up I would've been an absoloute idiot. I got a lift off of Jen who was this fallen-angel-cat-thingy. She looked quite nice, except her curled hair went kinda straight. That was funny. She should curl it more often, it looks nice. Then Dan came in a suit with a red fork and he spiked his hair to make it look like devil horns. Heatherbelle followed and she was this kind of cat-girl thing. She looked quite nice too, except the cold was making her really bitchy. At least I think it was the cold that made her bitchy... Chaz was late by about 20mins and she was wearing this purple-sparkly dress which was also nice. She was wearing wings too and had brought fairy dust. Needless to say that by the end of the night I was covered with it.
So we went in and it was loud and stuff. I saw Laura inside, she was being a vampire, and I talked to her. But she went away cos she was paranoid that my friends didn't like her or something. I talked to a group of guys that were dressed up as Resevior Dogs (VERY cool), then I talked to the girls who were all angels. Then some more guys came in dressed as women. And some of them were really convincing too. I was like "Who's that? Oh my God it's -"
Twas funny.
The music was crap though. Any good songs they played they were cut off right before the decent bits. I didn't dance. Well I tried not to dance. The first time I did it was when I was talking to Emma and a good song came on. So she took my hand and started dancing while I just stood there.Then she started moving me to make me dance but I still resisted. Then she said "If you don't dance right now I'm gonna ram this wand up your ass!"
And I danced.
Not for long though. I hate dancing. I really do. I feel like an idiot when I do it and that I'm the only one. So it was kinda depressing when Jen and Dan were dancing together and Heatherbelle and Chaz were dancing while I was just standing there watching. I jumped up and down a bit during one song, but that just made me feel worse. Then everyone, EVERYONE, started trying to make me dance. It was fun yet depressing at the same time. By the end of it I just wanted to get home. I was really feeling down and shit.
I couldn't get to sleep. I kept drifting in and out of a doze until just past 1 when I finally dropped off.

Come on. Hang in there guys. Only one more day to go...


And thank God it was friday indeed. I was knackered when I got up. And I had to go to school and everything. Chemestry first. I was still feeling kinda down from last night and Maddy was wondering what was wrong. I just said I was tired, which I was really, and she left it at that. Then we made a very average video full of very average people and very average conversations. It was odd though. I had two pics taken of me. The first one I looked like a "cute wee baby" and the other one I was a "cute wee puppy"
Ah well, at least I'm cute.
Then it was break where my friendlies made fun of my for the 2 seconds that I jumped around with my scythe in the air. Should've seen what they were doing the fucking gits. I mean, Danny tried to feel up the girls so many times it was just pathetic. Make fun of me? Yeah, look in the mirror.
Oh crap it's finally happened. I've ran out of insults!!
Anyway, we had a period of maths that consisted of me and John talking about stem cells and how we could create a race of superhumans out of them. I didn't care though. I was more excited by the prospect of growing wings.
Now that would be cool.
PE was next. Badminton. The sport that I used to love that I now hate. I used to be good at it too. I would play Feeney every week in the community centre, but now I'm just clumsy and fumbly. Then at the end Mr.Collins made us jog around the hall which was ok I guess. Then he said "30 seconds left. Quicken your pace!" And I was jogging beside 4 or 5 other guys and one said "3. 2. 1. Go!" and they broke into a race. So I joined them. It was so much fun too. I came in 3rd or something. But one of the guys collapsed on the floor when he was done and just lay there breathing heavily.
Twas very funny.
Then I went to the village for lunch with Feeney. That was slightly more fun than usual, since I actually bought food this time. Then when I got back up i handed in my yearbook forms to my big bro (Head of the year book commity) and picked up my personal study essay. I was expecting a few corrections but when I turned the page I was almost blinded by the amount of highlighter pen used to highlight all the mistakes. And he wrote a ton of suggestions on the back page. Like I needed more quotes and need to keep it formal and stuff.
Ok then.
Then it was double computing. We were doing an assesment on the first half and I was getting really frustrated with it. I had changed a whole load of coding and it still didn't work. And when I ran it and it came up with "Compiling Error" so I shouted at the screen "You bastard!"
And the class (Of a total of 6) turned to look at me and the guy beside me said "Come on Joe that was a bit harsh"
"Yes that was a bit harsh" the substitute said behind me "And I hope not to hear it again"
"Sorry miss, I'm just frustrated"
"It better not happen again"
Then the next period we were doing boring revision. I almost fell asleep.
Then I went home on the bus with Jen and Feeney. The bus was packed and I got a few dirty looks from an old lady who was bitching about how many kids there were. My hair was wet and I just tried to (fruitlessly) flatten it and droplets went everywhere. So she gave me a look and I heard her comment on my "scruffyness"
Just cos my hair is wet, and curly, and my trousers are dirty, and my shirt is all messed up, and my shoes were caked with mud does not mean I'm scruffy.
Oh wait, it does.
Then I got home and went on the PC. And here I am now.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus! How long is this thing? Tell ya what, it's taken me 6 hours to write this thing. 6 HOURS!!! Told ya I had a long week. And I've spent most of it writing this damn thing! Heh heh.

And now, if you excuse me, my fingers will fall off
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