Sleepwalking my way through life: I can't even recognise my own face

I can't even recognise my own face

Current Mood: Tired
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By legs are so sore!!!!

I've been walking round Glasgow with Justine ALL DAY and my legs are almost dead because of it... Twas worth it though.
It was so much fun. It was just me and her this time, no friends involved, and it was great. I was pure terrified that we'd run out of things to talk about, but we didn't. No awkwardness or nothing.
I got the train in at 12.15 or summit, and there was a group of kids that got on at the Busby stop, and one of them was drunk out of his mind. It had just past 12 and he was completely pissed. He started shouting and spitting and singing songs and stuff. All his friends were trying to calm him down and stuff while I was laughing my head off.
So I got to Glasgow Central, met up with Justine, and we just started walking. We walked everywhere. At first we were looking for a place that sold Halloween costumes (for me) but we ended up walking in random directions and going into random shops. It was really fun. We went into McD's for lunch, and walked some more. We even went into the Galleries. We were just walking past the guy on the horse with a traffic cone on his head and we looked at the building behind it. "Have you ever been in there?" I was asked.
"What is it?"
"I think it's some sort of Art Gallery..."
"Come on then"
"What? Don't we have to pay?"
"No, I saw a free admission thing back there"
And we went in!
We went in on our own! No one forcing us or anything! We are so smart!!!!
It was ok I guess... Not too good.


I g2g....

I'll write in more on Tuesday though....
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