Sleepwalking my way through life: I am only one, how can I stand against the many?

I am only one, how can I stand against the many?

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There is one thing that I look to in the future. The indisputible fact that all this will end. Everything will end. I will end.

My current MSN name. I dunno where it came from. I just pulled it out of my head. Kinda like the titles for my blogs. They just happen.
Weird huh?

*Is guilty*

I'm not doing my English essay like I'm supposed to... I just keep writing random crap for it which won't help anything. All I'm on about is the fact that Yossarian has been traumatised by Snowdens gruesome death. It's such a shame. The guy, Snowden, was shot in the leg, so Yossarian was cleaning him up and healing the wound. But Snowden kept saying "I'm cold, I'm cold" and all Yossarian could say was "There, there," Yossarian healed the wound up nicely, but then Snowden indicated to his armpit, so Yossarian opened his flak suit to find that a piece of metal had tore a hole through his chest. And all his guts and blood and some of his dinner came out. And the poor guy was still alive. And the chapter ended by saying:
"'There there,' Yossarian comforted him.
'I'm cold'
'There there'"

It's such a shame.... But anyway, it's an amazing book.

I got back into my Drama group, so I'm currently writing a script for it. I'm hoping that if I appear with a script in my hand then Nadia will forget all about my missing a last session.

But what has happened in the last few days, I hear you ask. Well, not much to tell the truth. My friends are still hating me, school still sucks, and the weather is getting crappier. Ain't life so pleasant?
Feeney's being annoying though. Everytime I see him it's like "When are you making up with them? When are you coming back to the table? They don't hate you by the way, I asked them. So when you coming back huh huh?"
And I'm like "Get bent. They do fucking hate me. If you heard half the things they say to me behind my back you'll realise it too"
"They don't. And they're better than the freaks you hang about with"
"They aren't freaks. And they're nice to me. This is a totally new experience for me Feeney! These guys actually don't make fun of me!I haven't experienced that in so long!"
I got a laugh outta that, but he still continued.
"Just make upwith them why don'tcha? They said that they haven't fallen out with you" (Aye right) "It's you that's fallen out with them."
"Ok then Feeney, let me ask you this. If I did go up to them and asked to make up, what do you think the answer would be?"
And that shut him up. He started going on about the "gimp" that races him home. He's this short ginger guy that walks faster than him. And he hates him for it.
He can really crack me up sometimes.

*Spins in chair*

I'm gonna go now... I can't be arsed writing much more and I need to concentrate on my script....
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