Sleepwalking my way through life: Take Me to Where I Can Die in Peace

Take Me to Where I Can Die in Peace

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*Spins in chair*

I hate Tuesdays.
Scratch that, I hate every day of the week except Friday through Sunday.

But I had a good day on monday.
It started out ok. I got up, played my game (Got really far), and started getting ready for the cinema. Jen called and said that we could get the bus early. So I went up to her house, before coming straight back down after being an hour early.
I went back up later and we walked down to the bus stop. We waited for 45mins before deciding that it wasn't coming and we walked to the centre. We met up with Chaz and Dan and we made our way up to the cinema.
This is where it gets annoying.
They started looking out for Justine, but they said that everyone was her. I told her that she was 14 and they started pointing out little girls "There she is! Joe, you didn't tell us she wore nappies!"
She eventually got there with her friend and we bought the tickets and went down to safeway for drinks and stuff and came back up and watched Cellular. It's a half-decent film. A bit far-fetched to begin with, but it's quite good when you get into it. Anyway, Jen and all that were being so annoying!
Half way through the film Chaz reached over Jen and wiped my knee saying "Just get that sugar off your knee Joe" Then Jen did the same! Then when I started to chew gum Jen shouted REALLY loud "JOE!!!!"
And I was sooooooo embarrased.
The film ended and we just walked around the shops and stuff. It was good. Me and Justine were just talking all the way, I only paid attention to my friends when they were annoying me.
After a while we decided to leave and Dan and Chaz went off. Me, Jen, Justine and Erin (Justines friend) were at the bus stop. We were waiting ages for our bus and I pulled Justine to the side and asked if she would go out with me.
And she said yes.
And I'm so happy!
We were gonna get off but she had a cold sore so we couldn't. Bah.


She's coming to the Key on friday though. So we can be all together then.
*Is so happy*
I wanna talk to her on MSN now but she ain't on.... Bah

Today was kinda crap.

Everyone wouldn't stop making fun of me. It REALLY got me pissed off. And it kinda made me snap at Heatherbelle and now she's all upset...
I feel all shitty now cos I made her cry. Shit. Why did I have to open my over-sized mouth!
Here's the skinny. I was really pissed off at them at lunch cos they just wouldn't shut up. Feeney was the only one who noticed. He looked at me, fists clenched at my sides and he said "You look like you're gonna explode" to which I replied "You're not far off there Daniel"
Anyway, I got home and went on MSN and Heatherbelle came on so we started talking. We were doing fine until she made a joke about me. So I exploded. I wish I hadn't, but I did and I really didn't meen to upset her.
I think I should be outlawed from having friends. I always seem to screw them up somehow. And I also think I should be banned from telling the truth. Cos the more I do that the more trouble I get into. I should also be banned from telling lies, that also gets me into shit...
Infact, just tie me up, selotape my mouth and put me in a small room with a lots of stationary. That should do.
Though I'll probably offend someone by doing that too...
I just can't win these days.

*Spins in chair*

I love spinning. Tis great fun.
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