Sleepwalking my way through life: The Sound of my Sanity Breaking

The Sound of my Sanity Breaking

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I just saw Michael G!!!!
He came back up to Scotland for the prize-giving thingy and he was there!!!!!! I met him down the villiage at lunch. We didn't talk long tho. Feeney wanted to get back to school quickly so we had to leave. I saw him for a sec after school tho. Before Jen dragged me to the bus that is. Twas great to see him.

WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

I've made up with my friends. I was being all paranoid and stuff and it got the better of me. SORRY GUYS!!!
He. I can be a real freak sometimes.

I hurt Jenny's knees too. By mistake though. I pushed her out of the way yesterday and she fell over and landed on her knees. They're black and blue. She was really pissed off at me and stuff. And she said her dad wanted to get me.
Which is kinda scary by the way.


Verrrrrrrry interesing.

What do you say to your friends when they've told you you've "changed"? Not only changed but changed for the worst?
That's what they said to me at lunch. I later got explanations that I've been more sad and stuff. Not "The Good Old Joe".
Meh. I'll try to go back. But I didn't even realise that I changed....

I've got to say hi to Amanda from San Fransisco too. She commented on my last post so here's the answer.
Chazs name is actually Charlotte, while Heatherbelles is Heather. Clear things up for ya?

Justine is soooooooo nice. She's the hot girl that I was messaging on my last post. She's from Riutherglen and she's just like me! We like all the same music, all the same films and stuff. She's great. We're even meeting on Monday (AAAAAHHHH) to go see Cellular. But we have to bring a friend each just incase it's a disater. Which is ok I guess. I'm gonna have to bring Feeney though. Jenny is still angry at me for her knees, Chaz is angry for reasons I'll say later, and I'm guessing that Heatherbelle won't want to be in a cinema with just me, Justine and her friend.

Ok, now for the problem bit. Earlier tonight I told Chaz that I only said I fancied her to cover up for liking Heatherbelle. Then she went off at me. How I was a lieing bastard and stuff like that. I deserve every bit of it too.
Then Heatherbelle started getting at me. Saying how I was a bad friend and everything. Yeah I probably deserve that too.
But I ain't saying that it isn't annoying.
And now she ain't talking to me at all. It's really getting me depressed.
And I'm such a retard. She went on at me, telling me how a good friend shouldn't lie and shit. So I replied. I said that she was little-miss-perfect wasn't she. That she's never done anything like this before.
Then when she brought it up again, I told the truth again. I said that I meant it, and I wasn't taking it back. She went silent for a bit after that. Then Jenny called asking me what happened. I told her, and she kinda went on at me too. And here we are now.

Shit, let me tell ya, I'm never telling the truth again.
It gets you into tons more shit than the truth does.
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At 5:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
its Amanda again. Thanks for clearing everything up. Your life sounds complicated! If it were me i would 1)trust my friends and 2)never lie to them because if u can't be truthful to your friends who can you be truthful to? i hope we can talk more! I'd give u my msn address but i don't have one! My mom doesn't let me have one, she totally wigs about it all the time! Anyway your life is so much better than mine. Okay i live in San Fransisco i am 16 and i go to a private school, i am the only girl i know who wears a uniform to school! i have to admit San Fran sounds better than bonnie Scotland (haha), except the earthquakes!
i got to go i will talk to you later!

p.s. good luck on your date all though cellular isn't a good date film.

Amanda xx

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