Sleepwalking my way through life: Save Me from My Fate

Save Me from My Fate

Current Mood: Excited for some reason
Current Music: Bif Naked- We Are the Lucky Ones

I'm no good with friends.

I've made Chaz fall out with me a million times in two days.
And I got a few more slaps (Not good).
But it's been fun.

I went to the Key for the first time on friday! Twas good fun. Me an Jen went up and sat in the Dolan for about 15 minutes while waiting for Heatherbelle and Chaz. They (eventually) arrived and we went in.
It was sooooo much fun!
Maddy got REALLY hyper and was really funny and shit. Jen just stood at the side of the pool table for most of the night talking to Mari-Anne and Heatherbelle and Chaz. I was gonna play a game of football but then I remembered I was crap at that... So I was gonna play basketball but there were too many people >.<
I played two games of pool with Steven devlin though. I got thrashed twice but I got in one (very) amazing trickshot.
I was potting stripes and there was a striped on lined up at the pocket, but inbetween it was a spot and another striped. So I was gonna hit the first stripe to hit the spot to hit the second stripe into the pocket, but it didn't happen that way. The cue I had was way too long and way too thin so i had a little trouble aiming. But anyway, I hit the cue ball wrong and it flew over the two balls and pocketed the striped one! I was so chuffed.
But I lost the game so it was kinda crap...

Went to see the terminal today. It was a good film. Very... Heart warming. Was dead long though. My ass was like numb by the end of it.
So... Yeah.

It's WR's birthday today!!!
Tis one year old today! Time to get out the virtual rum!

And Koori is still away camping. Tis annoying. I got nothing to read now, and MSn ain't the same. I need her advice on certain subjects....
It's amazing ain't it?
I'm more willing to trust an almost complete stranger with things that I would never dream of sharing with my friends.

I have learned may lesons in life. Very few have stuck, but one has been with me for many years. It sorta came from dad of all people, and from personal experiences too but still... It used to be really long but I shortened it down to something I can remember. And now I'm gonna share it with yas... Man this sound sad.

"Never trust a soul. Ever."

It doesn't seem like much, but it really is. And it's only recently that I've come to use it.

And with that happy note I leave you.
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