Sleepwalking my way through life: My Heart is Sick Beyond Belief

My Heart is Sick Beyond Belief

Current Mood: Mind-fucked
Current Music: None (Thanks a lot Chris!)


Chris that bastard!!!!

He wiped the PC!!!


All my music, all my pictures, all my stories. All gone! Even PSO is gone!!!


He cut-and-pasted it onto his iPod before copying his and Mums files. Since the system recovery didn't actually delete anything. So I was fine with that, until Chris started uploading it onto the comp. Then the iPod fucked up and all data was lost. Meaning my file was gone.
I was gutted.
And still am. But more important things have taken over my mind.

A name I made up to describe a girl that I had a recurring dream about. I don't give a shit about it anymore. It's Heatherbelle ok? I don't give a shit who knows, I don't give a shit about anything in my life anymore.
To find out who it was, my closest and best friends went behind my back on WR to find out.

But now I'm not sure if they are my friends anymore.

When will they stop mind-fucking me?

When will they leave me alone?

They will now.
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At 7:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe what is with you i think you should calm down and stop being so moodey with your friends they sound like a laugh, just like mine.

p.s. life isn't out to get you it is shit to everyone! Grow up! and is someone actually called Chaz and Hetherbelle? Write back on your next blog please.

love your new friend Amanda from San Fransisco xx

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