Sleepwalking my way through life: It's in Our Nature to Kill Ourselves

It's in Our Nature to Kill Ourselves

Current Music: Dandy Warhols- Boheiman Like You

Life is confusing.

"And the understatement of the year goes to.... JOE"

Friends are really confusing too. Especially the girls.... It's like, one minute they like you the next minute they hate you and then the next minute they like you again.
And I'm like "CRAP!"

Ok, here's the skinny. ON saturday night, Chaz started saing all this stuff about how she liked me and shit. I didn't take it seriously at first (Look at previous post to find my lesson), but then Heatherbelle got into it by opening up a convo box and asking me if I fancied her. I didn't say anything at the time because I was unsure if it was true or not. But I did. I don't anymore but I did at that time.
So, I didn't think much of it until today when Jen decided to shit stir. So I asked her out. And she got freaked out. And we all had this big fallout but everythings fixed now.
I'll put my sellotape away then....

And Koori's back!!!

She got back from camping and is on MSN! But that means I usually have too many people to talk to. But it's still fun.

And I got 300 posts on WR!!! I didn't even notivce it until I went to check my sig. Oh! I got a sig! I made it myself too. I got a pic from Shaman King and put words in it. It's really cool. Here it is.

Tis great isn't it?
it's Yoh and Anna. They're great.


And I got this excellent Shaman King wallpaper, it's Yoh and this other guy standing back to back. It really is class. I love that show.... Shame they stopped it on FoxKids. I would post it but it's reeeeally big. It would really mess up my Blog.
But nothing's stopping me from making a link!
He he heeeeee

And I might just leave it at that.

It's really taking me longer to write this up. I should stop talking to some people....

Ah well. G' night
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