Sleepwalking my way through life: The Game of Life is the Easiest to Lose

The Game of Life is the Easiest to Lose

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We really need a new one.

I was in the middle of typing up a HUGE post for my blog and everything suddenly froze up on me and said "Program is not repsonding, must end" and I'm like
Twas very annoying.

Lets start from the begining shall we kiddies?

Haven't seen my friends all weekend. <_> They went to see Wicker Park yesterday (Except me and Heatherbelle). I didn't go cos I had Drama and the Halo thing and no money and the fact that two out of thre people who were going really don't like me right now. I don't care about one (That bastard) but Chaz is getting to me. We always fall out about something or other.

Drama was fun. Nadia (The teacher) had overbooked trhe class and there were soooo many people. There was only one new guy though. He bugged me a bit. He was just so... Hollywood. He had the hair, the face and the shiny braces. Oh, and he had MY clothes. That's right. MY clothes. He was wearing a dark blue shirt over a white t-shirt with dark blue trousers. I was like "Whoa"
And he was like "Hi I'm Alan"
And I'm like "Whoa"
He was being all stuck up though. He said that he'd been in acting for a year and had been to five classes. I said that this was my first class and he laughed. So I waited calmly with a smile on my face until he stopped and I said that I had been coming here for almost 3 years. That made him shut up and I started laughing.
And a guy there got an agent! He went to the RACMD over the summer for a show and he got offered a place and an agent! He could go on to River City and shit like that. I need to talk to him and find out where he's based so I can try to get one too.

After that I went up to the Stuart Hotel for the Halo thing. Amazing. I had so much fun at it. Chris (The guy who runs it) took apart an X-Box and showed me how to chip it. I wasn't paying attention though and I almost dropped the Mother Board thingy.
Very fun.
He also gave me his giant air gun for the night and I had to shoot people who were cheating and stuff. I kept messing up this guys hair just to piss him off, and when he started to run after me I used the gun to hit his glasses off and they fll in a glass of Irn Bru. We both died of laughter after that.

I wanna talk to my friendlies!

No contact for over 2 days! My head is gonna explode!!

I tell a lie. I did get a phone call off of Samantha at the Halo thing. It was like 5 to Midnight and she phones me up and says "Would you like to talk to Jenn?" (The one who likes me)
"Hi Joe. It's me Jenn. So who do you fancie???"
"I don't know"
"Yes you do"
"No I don't"
"Yeah you do, you told me you did yesterday!"
"I lied"
"Why don't you say?"
"Cos I don't know"
"Ok, here's Samantha. I LOVE YOU!!!!"
"Hi Joe it's Samantha"
"So who is it?"
"Are you 2 retarded or something?"
"What was that?"
"Ok, we gotta go now. I'll phone you tomorow!"
"Please don't"
"That's rude"
"Well you see it's just-"
*I hang up*

I gotta go now.
My mum's making me come off the PC cos I put my webcam on to show Koori what I looked like.
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