Sleepwalking my way through life: September 2004

Where Do I Belong?

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Yellowcard- Empty Apartment

"It's ok to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know
When you get lonely, if no one's around
You know that I'll catch you when you've fallen down"
- Yellowcard - Empty Apartment

VERY cool song

Today was a decent day. Not too bad, but not too amazing either.

Mum was in Manchester overnight, so I had to get up all by myself. I went back to bed and kinda slept in for half an hour... I eventually got up and had my breakfast and stuff. I almost forgot to out some gel in my hair too (Is really outta control), but it wouldn't of mattered. It was chucking it down outside. I got soaked, and all my gel ran out of my hair. My hair got all fluffy by break.
And lunch was VERY annoying. Jenn started throwing stuff again. I was even gonna apoligise too. I really was. I was gonna say sorry for saying al that shit to her and for throwing stuff at her.
But she threw the skittle at my eye.
There's no going back from that. But I just sat there today, while Feeney went mad at them. He hit Michaela over the head with a water bottle! Bloody violent or what?

And physics was how we shall say, annoying. Ok, I used to have this really cool front cover for my homework diary. It was a drawing of the Grim Reaper holding a scythe, below him was my schools name, and behind him was some fire and the words "Welcome to hell"
Anyway, I adding the finishing touches to it in physics and Grant asks for a look at it. So i give him my homework diary and he shows it about. The majority of people like it, but he lifts his pen and says "I'm sorry Josie, I have to do this" and he drew a penis on it. HE DREW A DICK ON DEATH
I was so pissed off at him!
I scrunched it into a ball and threw it at the bin, but I hit the rim and it bounced out. Then Rosenburg walked over. "What's this?" he asked as he scooped it up. He looked at it, then at Grant, then furious eyes at me.
Uh oh
"We'll talk about this at the end of the period"
So we did. He didn't even do it in private either. The whole class was gathered by his desk as he pulled the drawing out of his pocket. Waiting with a baited breath. (How's that for writing?).
"What's this then?"
"The cover for my homework diary"
"And 'Welcome to Hell' I guess that's refering to the school?"
"Yes. But it was a joke"
"Oh, ok then. Grant, if I catch you graffitying another persons property again you'll be in serious trouble"
Then Monica stepped in, "What? Are you not gonna show that to Big Jim?"
Big Jim is Mr.Dolan, the midgit head of science.
"I think I will. It's a very interesting caption Joseph. Well done"
My heart stopped
"Yes. It's a shame that Grant drew on it. I could've recomended it for the next front cover"
Then the bell rang and I left. I was well chuffed, but now I'm gonna have to draw another one.... And that one was brilliant in the first place!

Justine is on!

And I found out her last name and phine number. Kinda sad ain't it. We're going out and we don't even know our second names... Well we do now.
And she's coming to the Key again! We're gonna go off somewhere and tell us about each other. Twill be great.

Why Do I Suffer the Living?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Current Mood: Bah
Current Music: Papa Roach- Between Angels and Insects

Chris let me on the PC


He's nice when he wants to be. It's just that he's nice at the worst times. Like, I just sat down to do my Ink Exercise (Due tomorrow) and he walks in and says "Do you want on the PC? I'm kinda bored with it the now"
What else can I do except do on it?
I'm addicted I tells ya.

Funny thing happened.
I was talking to Chaz on MSN last time I was on, nd she asked me whether I thought Justine was better looking than than the three of them (Chaz, Jen and Heatherbelle). I said that put together she wasn't better looking but each one seperately....
And that's what I said.
Then after a bit of random conversation I went off cos Chris came home (As you know). About 15mins later Jen phones, shouting at me cos she thinks she's definately better looking than Justine. And I was like "What?"
And she was like "I ain't talking to you"
It's kinda sad really. She was falling out with me cos I said some one was prettier than her. Sad, but also extremely funny.
So after that pleasant phone call, I phoned Chaz. Just for 5mins to ask what was going on. 35mins later I got off the phone and had dinner. The phone call was so funny. We talked about completely random shit, like about food and musac and how her little sister farted infront of her.

Twas great.

And now I'm on the net, at a total loss of things to do. I could write my script for drama but I REALLY can't be arsed at the mo. I could do my homework. But I never actually do that so....
I could create an RP on WR. That hasn't been done in a few months... But I can't think of anything.

Damn me and my lack of imagination!

And I haven't talked to Justine since Monday. Tis annoyin. I still don't have her mobile number. I think she has mine though. Since it's still probably up on MSN for the world to see. Ah well.

And Jenn hurt me today!

We were at lunch and she came over and said hi, and I was like "Fuck off"
"You still pissed off at me then?"
You threw a fucking apple at me. What do you think?
"Well guessed"
"Fine then"
They go over to a table and start throwing stuff at me. I don't care though, most of it misses me so I'm good with it. So we go to the outside bit and I'm talking to my friendlies, and then a skittle hits me in the eye.
Not in the normal eyelid area. MY ACTUAL EYE!!!
It hurt like a bastard let me tell ya.

Anyway, I got to go now. My bro is chucking me off. AGAIN.


I'm Better Off Gone

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Greenday- Boulevard of broken dreams


Veeeery interesting.

If you're gonna ask what I'm on about you're gonna get silence in return. One reason for that is cos I don't wanna tell you yet. The other reason is that this is a web page and it doesn't answer.
I need to reconsidor something.... Will say when it's all done though. He he heee....

I've gone mad.

I actually did go mad at break today. I thought I was gonna throw up and I punch a wall on the way to the toilet. I was just so frustrated I had to hit something. So I hit the wall.
It wasn't a particually nasty wall. It has never insulted me or anything, infact I don't think it's ever said anything to me... Anyway, it damn near hurt my hand. The knuckle went all red and everything. Went away though.
Drew this really cool pic in RMCE. It was this guy with a knife in one hand and slit wrists. And he was looking to the sky and crying.
If I don't say so, my drawings are getting better.


Chris is back, so I got to go.


Take Me to Where I Can Die in Peace

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Current Mood: Meh
Current Music: Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly

*Spins in chair*

I hate Tuesdays.
Scratch that, I hate every day of the week except Friday through Sunday.

But I had a good day on monday.
It started out ok. I got up, played my game (Got really far), and started getting ready for the cinema. Jen called and said that we could get the bus early. So I went up to her house, before coming straight back down after being an hour early.
I went back up later and we walked down to the bus stop. We waited for 45mins before deciding that it wasn't coming and we walked to the centre. We met up with Chaz and Dan and we made our way up to the cinema.
This is where it gets annoying.
They started looking out for Justine, but they said that everyone was her. I told her that she was 14 and they started pointing out little girls "There she is! Joe, you didn't tell us she wore nappies!"
She eventually got there with her friend and we bought the tickets and went down to safeway for drinks and stuff and came back up and watched Cellular. It's a half-decent film. A bit far-fetched to begin with, but it's quite good when you get into it. Anyway, Jen and all that were being so annoying!
Half way through the film Chaz reached over Jen and wiped my knee saying "Just get that sugar off your knee Joe" Then Jen did the same! Then when I started to chew gum Jen shouted REALLY loud "JOE!!!!"
And I was sooooooo embarrased.
The film ended and we just walked around the shops and stuff. It was good. Me and Justine were just talking all the way, I only paid attention to my friends when they were annoying me.
After a while we decided to leave and Dan and Chaz went off. Me, Jen, Justine and Erin (Justines friend) were at the bus stop. We were waiting ages for our bus and I pulled Justine to the side and asked if she would go out with me.
And she said yes.
And I'm so happy!
We were gonna get off but she had a cold sore so we couldn't. Bah.


She's coming to the Key on friday though. So we can be all together then.
*Is so happy*
I wanna talk to her on MSN now but she ain't on.... Bah

Today was kinda crap.

Everyone wouldn't stop making fun of me. It REALLY got me pissed off. And it kinda made me snap at Heatherbelle and now she's all upset...
I feel all shitty now cos I made her cry. Shit. Why did I have to open my over-sized mouth!
Here's the skinny. I was really pissed off at them at lunch cos they just wouldn't shut up. Feeney was the only one who noticed. He looked at me, fists clenched at my sides and he said "You look like you're gonna explode" to which I replied "You're not far off there Daniel"
Anyway, I got home and went on MSN and Heatherbelle came on so we started talking. We were doing fine until she made a joke about me. So I exploded. I wish I hadn't, but I did and I really didn't meen to upset her.
I think I should be outlawed from having friends. I always seem to screw them up somehow. And I also think I should be banned from telling the truth. Cos the more I do that the more trouble I get into. I should also be banned from telling lies, that also gets me into shit...
Infact, just tie me up, selotape my mouth and put me in a small room with a lots of stationary. That should do.
Though I'll probably offend someone by doing that too...
I just can't win these days.

*Spins in chair*

I love spinning. Tis great fun.

Do I Look Alive to You?

Sunday, September 26, 2004
Current Mood: PISSED OFF
Current Music: Less Than Jake- Escape from the A-Bomb House

I just spent 2 hours typing up a really large post and when I tried to post it, it got deleted!!!!!


Might as well start again....


My day off. After being out yesterday and the day before I'm using this day to rest




I'll tell ya'all about my weekend then...

I spent friday with Maddy and all that. It was fun. Until I almost died of exhaustion... There was a fire on the way there. Not a proper one, I could've stamped it out myself if it wasn't for that old lady. Anyway, the fire people came and put it out. Twas fun.
The Key was alright too I guess. Jen and Chaz get bitchin about me and not talking to me. I didn't mind though. Well I didn't mind the not-talking but the bitching annoyed me a bit.
And I met Justine! I only got to talk to her for 10 mins before I had to leave. I was sitting with Alan talking about FFXI or something when Nadia came over to me.
"Joe, do you know how you think you got stood up? You haven't"
I sighed
"Nadia, she didn't stand me up cos we didn't have a da- What?"
"Yeah, she's over here"
She took my arm and led me over to where she was standing. And she is so nice! We stood there talking and I introduced my friends and all that. Then Nadia came over and said "Go on then. Shake hands"
So we shook hands
"Ok, now hug"
So we hugged
"Now kiss her. On the cheek of course"
So I kissed her on the cheek
"Now kiss her properly"
And we both looked at each other and said "Naw"
"Is this the first time you guys have met?"
"Oh God, I'm sorry. I'll leave yas"
And she did. We started talking about random stuff, like how she got here and why she was late. Then Greenday came on and she was all happy. It was great. I had leave pretty soon and mum was kinda angry that I was late. Some Neds hit the back of our car so I gave them the finger as mum drove away. She didn't see though.
When I got back I sat on the floor and listened to the Less Than Jake album that Maddy let me borrow. IT'S AMAZING. They rock! They play the best music I've heard in ages (Bar the Chilis). I guess this makes me a punk-rock-numetal-emo guy.
Me and Jen made up and I went to bed. Then I stayed up until 2 listening to the cd and reading Firestarter. I didn't get much read cos of the music...

*Spins in chair*

Saturday was good too. I went out with Jen, Chaz and Dan but we picked up Heatherbelle along the way. And we all made up. Kinda. Chaz started talking to me again, and Heatherbelle did too. Me and Dan got kinda better too. We talked to each other a bit more. Twas fun.
Oh. And Chaz, Heatherbelle and Jen kept talking about this three-some they had. I knew that they were just pissin about, but it still sounded hot. They're gonna kill me for saying that. But it really was... I had to concentrate on Less Than Jake to keep my mind off of it.
But then I had to go into La Senza to get Jens prezzie. My God that was embarrasing. As soon as I walked in Heatherbelle and Dan went "Whoooo!!! GO JOE!!! YOU THE MAN JOE!!!" And I was like -_-
I got the vouchers in the end, but Katrina Duncan was beside me and it sounded as though I was buying stuff for my mum....
Then me and mum watched Kill Bill 2 again. God I love that film. I want to see the first one again now.

And now it's sunday. I played more Zelda in the morning then I did my chores. But I haven't done my homework yet...
I have a problem with homework. The problem is that I never do it...
Tis a real problem. I just can't be arsed with it. It's just a time waster....
I'm such an idiot sometimes...

I'm going to the cinema tomorrow!!! With Justine!!! I'm so nervous! I was supposed to bring along a friend but it looks as though I'll be bringing 3.
At first I asked Maddy, cos Jen and Chaz ha fallen out with me. But she couldn't come so I asked Feeney and he said "I'm not going to meet some Pedo" so he was out. Then it looked like no one would come so I was gonna cancel but then Jen made up with me so I asked her. But then I made up with Chaz and she wanted to go too. So they were both coming, but then Heatherbelle wanted to come, then they invited Dan. But Heatherbelle can't make it... So it could be 4 people against 2 (Her and her friend).
That makes me more nervous...
I was gonna ask her out last night (Via e-mail) but my friends told me to wait until after the cinema to do it. Ah well.


*Is nervous*

Oh, and Amanda has a Blog!
And I've put a comment in on it...
He he.

"Dear Mom and Dad
I've been making plans
To leave this house, yes Im sure
So lock the door
And turn the front porch lights out

And after all the endless fights
The who's been wrong and who's been right
We just never saw eye to eye

So theres no need to apologize
Dont wait up, I'll be fine
If you could see inside my head maybe you'd understand
That Im better off, Im better off gone

Dear mom and dad
I've been making plans
To leave your house, yes Im sure
That nothings wrong, so just be strong on my way out

And after all the endless nights
The who's been wrong and who's been right
We just never saw eye to eye

So theres no need to apologize
Dont wait up, I'll be fine
If you could see inside my head maybe you'd understand
That Im better off, Im better off gone

Im better off gone
Cause we dont see eye to eye
Im better off gone
Cause we dont see eye to eye"

-Less Than Jake - Escape from the a-bomb house

God I love that song so much.
It's just amazing.....


I got to go
I'll see yas soon!


*Is so nervous*

Look Into My Eyes, Rip Off My Disguise

Thursday, September 23, 2004
Current Mood: Hungry
Current Music: Alien Ant Farm- Movies

"I want you to be free,
Don't worry about me.
And just like the movies,
We play out our last scene.
You won't cry, I won't scream"

That is such a class song... I can't believe I ignored it for so long....

Anyway, my day today. Was crap.

I think it's because of what I said on Monday. I remember thinking when I got up, "Last week was a good week, I'm gonna make this one a crap week"
I think that's why it's so bad. Of course it's not because of the absolute bastard I am.


Lunch was fun. Even though it was completely fucked up. I was sitting there doing my computing homework, Chaz sitting at the side throwing the occasional insult at me, and Jenn sitting at the table behind me.
I was fine at first, until Jenn started throwing stuff at our table. At first it was cheese, which was crap but it wasn't too bad. It was a shame for Jen though (Our Jen), some went down the back of her seat and got stuck to her ass. She went in and out of the toilet for about 10minutes trying to get it off. So, they eventually got an apple, and threw it at me. The first time it hit my neck and it didn't hurt much but the second time it clipped my shoulder and rolled away. That really hurt. But I ignored it and continued on with my homework.
After about 5mins, an apple core hit me on the side of the head. That was too far. I grabbed for it, stood up and hurled it at her. It hit her right in the middle of her chest and fell away, leaving a wet patch on her jumper. Twas well good.
But then she went hysterical at me. She kept saying how she was gonna get a 25 year old to beat the shit out of me. Oh! Look at me! I'm quaking in my boots!!!
I finished my homework and they got up to leave. Then Jenn came up to me, shook a finger at me and said "You better clean up your act mister! You used to be a nice boy and now look at ya! You might get hurt!"
"Does this mean that I'm not getting beaten up by Chris?"
"And you're lucky that I'm not telling him"
"Oh come on! Phone him up right now and tell him about this. Tell him to meet me and beat me up after school!"
"Yeah! Come on! I want to see what he's capable of."
"You're weird"
"Thank God you realised that"
*She walks away*
"Come on! Please call him! PLEASE!"
*She walks out of room and I die of laughter*
Brilliant. I really want him to try and beat me up. I'd wind him up to a certain point, just before he's ready to fight me, then I whisper into his ear that I'm only 15. He can't hit a minor.
And even if he does hit me he'll get into deeper dhit. And all the time he's hitting me I'll just be laughing at him.

Before you ask, yes I am slightly insane.

After school was crap too. Jen had to go meet her Mum and Dad, so I was walking with Dan, Chaz, and Heatherbelle. Which was crap. Dan and Heatherbelle were always in deep conversation and Chaz was being bitchy every chance she got. We got into Co-op and I started walking ahead a bit thinking "This is crap, I might just go home" Then Chaz said something to Heatherbelle which ended in "... and you love your little acts don't you Joe?"
And I laughed. I found it hilarious that she was still on about that. I mean, it doesn't even make a good insult. It's just a reminder of what I did. And let me tell ya, I made my peace with that while I was doing my English essay last night.
"I'm glad you find that funny Joe"
"Me too Charlotte"
Then Heatherbelle said something to her and she replied "And? You're the only one here who likes him"
And that got to me. It really did somehow. So I walked faster. "Joe, are you ok?"
"Yeah. Bye guys"
"JOE!" It was Chaz this time.
I walked on. She said something else, but I didn't hear and I continued walking.

I got into a good mood while walking. I remembered that Chris was going out and Mum was gonna be late. I have the house to myself until 10!!!!
Considering that it's 9.35 now....


Justine is coming to the Key tomorrow!!!! I can actually meet her!

*Is so excited*


*Is so nervous*

She's coming up with her friend Sesha or summit....



We get Friday off AND Monday!!!
My God I'm gonna sleep so much this weekend. In until 11 at least. Tis gonna be sweet.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Amanda commented again.... Here it is:

Hi Joe,
its Amanda again. Thanks for clearing everything up. Your life sounds complicated! If it were me i would 1)trust my friends and 2)never lie to them because if u can't be truthful to your friends who can you be truthful to? i hope we can talk more! I'd give u my msn address but i don't have one! My mom doesn't let me have one, she totally wigs about it all the time! Anyway your life is so much better than mine. Okay i live in San Fransisco i am 16 and i go to a private school, i am the only girl i know who wears a uniform to school! i have to admit San Fran sounds better than bonnie Scotland (haha), except the earthquakes!
i got to go i will talk to you later!

p.s. good luck on your date all though cellular isn't a good date film.

Amanda xx

Let me answer your comment with this:

1. I can't trust my friends. They always fuck up on me.
2. I try not to lie but it happens one way or another.
3. If you can't get MSN, get a Blog. Then you can tell stuff about your life
4. ANYWHERE sounds better than Scotland
5. And it isn't a date.... It's a meeting thingy.


Crap I'm cold....


He he.

Chaz just came on. I asked her if she was talking to me yet. She sed that she would talk to me if she did. Then we got into this argument and shit.
You know, if you're not talking to me, can you NOT talk to me? I thought that was the whole point of the matter. I'm trying to end the convo and she pops it back up.
She's gonna read this and she's gonna shout at me. I don't care.
I'm even thinking of saying something that could land me in almost ireversible shit. But since I'm in the spirit of being the old Joe, I'll hold my tounge.

For now that is.

And now I leave you. For my ass has just frozen, and I belive it may fall off soon.

The Sound of my Sanity Breaking

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Music: Foo Fighters- Breakout


I just saw Michael G!!!!
He came back up to Scotland for the prize-giving thingy and he was there!!!!!! I met him down the villiage at lunch. We didn't talk long tho. Feeney wanted to get back to school quickly so we had to leave. I saw him for a sec after school tho. Before Jen dragged me to the bus that is. Twas great to see him.

WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

I've made up with my friends. I was being all paranoid and stuff and it got the better of me. SORRY GUYS!!!
He. I can be a real freak sometimes.

I hurt Jenny's knees too. By mistake though. I pushed her out of the way yesterday and she fell over and landed on her knees. They're black and blue. She was really pissed off at me and stuff. And she said her dad wanted to get me.
Which is kinda scary by the way.


Verrrrrrrry interesing.

What do you say to your friends when they've told you you've "changed"? Not only changed but changed for the worst?
That's what they said to me at lunch. I later got explanations that I've been more sad and stuff. Not "The Good Old Joe".
Meh. I'll try to go back. But I didn't even realise that I changed....

I've got to say hi to Amanda from San Fransisco too. She commented on my last post so here's the answer.
Chazs name is actually Charlotte, while Heatherbelles is Heather. Clear things up for ya?

Justine is soooooooo nice. She's the hot girl that I was messaging on my last post. She's from Riutherglen and she's just like me! We like all the same music, all the same films and stuff. She's great. We're even meeting on Monday (AAAAAHHHH) to go see Cellular. But we have to bring a friend each just incase it's a disater. Which is ok I guess. I'm gonna have to bring Feeney though. Jenny is still angry at me for her knees, Chaz is angry for reasons I'll say later, and I'm guessing that Heatherbelle won't want to be in a cinema with just me, Justine and her friend.

Ok, now for the problem bit. Earlier tonight I told Chaz that I only said I fancied her to cover up for liking Heatherbelle. Then she went off at me. How I was a lieing bastard and stuff like that. I deserve every bit of it too.
Then Heatherbelle started getting at me. Saying how I was a bad friend and everything. Yeah I probably deserve that too.
But I ain't saying that it isn't annoying.
And now she ain't talking to me at all. It's really getting me depressed.
And I'm such a retard. She went on at me, telling me how a good friend shouldn't lie and shit. So I replied. I said that she was little-miss-perfect wasn't she. That she's never done anything like this before.
Then when she brought it up again, I told the truth again. I said that I meant it, and I wasn't taking it back. She went silent for a bit after that. Then Jenny called asking me what happened. I told her, and she kinda went on at me too. And here we are now.

Shit, let me tell ya, I'm never telling the truth again.
It gets you into tons more shit than the truth does.

My Heart is Sick Beyond Belief

Monday, September 20, 2004
Current Mood: Mind-fucked
Current Music: None (Thanks a lot Chris!)


Chris that bastard!!!!

He wiped the PC!!!


All my music, all my pictures, all my stories. All gone! Even PSO is gone!!!


He cut-and-pasted it onto his iPod before copying his and Mums files. Since the system recovery didn't actually delete anything. So I was fine with that, until Chris started uploading it onto the comp. Then the iPod fucked up and all data was lost. Meaning my file was gone.
I was gutted.
And still am. But more important things have taken over my mind.

A name I made up to describe a girl that I had a recurring dream about. I don't give a shit about it anymore. It's Heatherbelle ok? I don't give a shit who knows, I don't give a shit about anything in my life anymore.
To find out who it was, my closest and best friends went behind my back on WR to find out.

But now I'm not sure if they are my friends anymore.

When will they stop mind-fucking me?

When will they leave me alone?

They will now.

When I Die, Promise to Forget Me

Thursday, September 16, 2004
Current Mood: I'm good
Current Music: Razorlight- Vice


I ain't in any mood today really. Kinda neutral. For the first time in ages.

*Spins in chair*

Oh! The weirdest thing happened in Maths today!!!! Me and John were discussing the answer to an unsolvable question.
What is 0 to the power 0?
We spent ages trying to work it out, with graphs and all that shit. I came to the conclusion that it was either 1 or 1 and 0 simulataneously while John thought it was 0 or 0 and 1 simultaneously. To settle the score we decided on a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the result.
This was the scary part.
We drew in the game 8 TIMES IN A ROW
After that we just looked at our hands, then at each other, then we burst out laughing and I almost fell out of my chair. It was really funny. After we both stopped we said it must've been an act of God and we decided to leave the subject forever.

Feeney wanted to spank Heatherbelle today. It was hilarious. At lunch he said something like "I'm gonna smack you one" But me and Heatherbelle heard "I wanna spank you one" and we were accusing him of stuff. Twas great.
But then Jen goes "But Joe, didn't you want to do something like that to Heatherbelle?"
I glared at her. Bitch. She was talking about the lie that Danny sed when I was away. "No, no, no" Then Heatherbelle asked, "Why? Is there something wrong with my ass?". Then I spent the next minute stuttering for an answer that wouldn't offend AND wouldn't make it sound ike too much. I ended up in silence as they laughed ther heads off.
Twas not nice.


Too many people talking at once!!!
Why can't it be like any other day???
Why talk to me now????
Why talk to me when I'm trying to message a VERY hot girl!!!


I didn't go to the centre after school today. Jen didn't want to go and I couldn't be arsed walking home by myself again. It started raining and I couldn't be arsed getting my jacket out so I got completely soaked. About 5 mins from getting home I ran my fingers through my hair and kinda messed it up, so I just pushed all of my hair backwards over my head. The remaining gel in my hair kept it in place for a bit. I might actually keep my hair like that.... If I ever get enough hair gel that is. I've practically ran out of the one I have....

Koori is great. She came on MSN feelin all down cos of a problem she has (Not saying here). So I kinda helped her. And then she kinda helped me with her problem (Once again, I'm not saying here). She's great...
That's all I can really say. I usually just say this to make Chaz and Jen shout at me. Tis great. Wait till they find out that the problem is about a girl I like.

He he.

Phil is back on! After giving my e-mail to about a dozen of his friends he's back on the net! He almot got chucked out the house after a fight with his mum. Mel (His girl friend) was talking to me, along with his (Very nice lookin) ex-girlfriend Sophie. She's kinda weird, but nice.
Anyway, me and Phil have been on the webcam for about 40 mins. It's great fun. Except he ain't doin much....


I need to go now.
I'll fill more in when I get the chance...

Ah well, see ya!

I Can't Feel Anything Anymore

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Current Mood: Better
Current Music: Evanescence- Haunted

With the flick of a switch so many things can change.

So here's the story.

Yesterday on the way home we stopped off in WHSmith so they could buy some sweets. I forgot to make my lunch that day and had to make do with a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar so I was kinda week at the time. And cranky. Anyway, Chaz said something that I didn't believe so I said "Oh look! A flying pig!"
And Heatherbelle said "Really? Where?"
And I, foolishly, replied "Well don't look at Jens direction cos she's already landed"
She slapped me a few times over the head and I left with a sore head and in a sorta mood. She then texted me when I got home saying "What the fuck was your problem?"
I didn't text her back cos I have no money.
Next day she wasn't talking to me, which was fine I guess. Not great but it was good enough. Then she just wouldn't stop making fun of me in the centre. And even though it was just crappy insults that she uses over and over, but they really got to me somehow. I hear them almost everyday and today it gets to me.
Have you ever had that feeling where you have a sword going through your stomache? Or as if a bullet is lodged in your throat?
I had that today. I get them all the time, but today I felt as though I should get a sword and stab myself just so that feeling could be tangeble.
Anyway, so I walked home with her just tailing behind me. It started to rain too. But I liked that. My jacket was in my bag and I had my shirt open (My t-shirt underneath) and I got completely soaked. My hair stayed in place though. Isn't gel great?
Anyway, I waited at the bottom of our street until she walked up to me, then I tried to talk to her. She was being all cold shoulder to me and all. I was getting really angry, and wet but that didn't matter.
So I got home and went on MSN. After a while Jen came and we had this GIANT argument and stuff. Then she phoned me up and I hung up on her (Just for the hell of it) and then she phoned again and we sorted shit out.
And everything's fine again.

School = Crap

So much homework! It's becoming more of a challenge not to do it! There's a lot more chance of me being caught now... EEEK!!! But seriously though, they are piling it on. I went to see Mrs Haeburn (Sp?) yesterday about going to Uni. She said that she didn't handle any of it and I had to talk to my guidance teacher. I was fine with that, but then she asked about my results, and if I'd gotten any A's. I was like o_O and I said that I was in 5th year. And she was like "Are you in fifth year?" And I'm like "Uh, yeah!" and she said "Who are you again?"


You don't rememebr me? I shouted fuck off infront of your face! We almost got locked in the school! You talk to my brother almost daily!!! And I said "I'm Chris' brother"
"Oh yes, sorry James"
"Ok, go see your guidance teacher then. Good luck!"

It was kinda funny I guess.

I've started to write more of my stories again. I've got this good one in my head that I've started writing but I had a writers block. But now it's gone, and I'm gonna write it down as sooon as I can.
He he.
It's ok. I guess. It's just about Alex, and how he deals with a situation by himself. Won't say anymore.

I think I got Chaz grounded.
I was talking to her on sunday night and she kinda logged off but then back on. Then I asked her what was up, then some one answered.
"This is Charlottes dad speaking"
"She didn't sign out of this MSN properly. Who am I speaking to?"
"Ah. The boy who calls his mum mumsie"
"Ha ha. Good one Chaz"
"Charlotte is out walking the dog"
"Ok. Has she told you about the baby yet?"
"Haha. A typical Joe thing to say. Why did Charlotte come home crying from the Key?"
"I dunno sir"
"Were you with her all night"
"Most of it sir. She was in the toilet having sex with her boyfriend for about an hour"
"What boyfriend?"
"Dunno sir. Changes every week"
"You can stop calling me sir now"
"Sorry sir"
"I will be talking to Charlotte about this conversation"
"I think you should sir"
"How do I sign out?"
"Right click on the wee man and clck exit"
*Signs off*

I don't believe it was him though.

Oh My God! Hero! That new Jet Li film!!! How amazing does that look?!?!?! It's done by the same guy who did "Crouching Tiger Hiden Dragon" and it's in the same style. Except so much better! And collateral! The one that Tom Cruise is in. That looks amazingly class too.
I wanna see all these films!!!
My mum got me an Empire magazine and I saw all these class things in them.
THERE IS A DIRECTORS CUT COMING OUT!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I WANT IT!!! It's like the best film ever!!!!

I love the films


The Game of Life is the Easiest to Lose

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Current Mood: PISSED OFF
Current Music: Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue


We really need a new one.

I was in the middle of typing up a HUGE post for my blog and everything suddenly froze up on me and said "Program is not repsonding, must end" and I'm like
Twas very annoying.

Lets start from the begining shall we kiddies?

Haven't seen my friends all weekend. <_> They went to see Wicker Park yesterday (Except me and Heatherbelle). I didn't go cos I had Drama and the Halo thing and no money and the fact that two out of thre people who were going really don't like me right now. I don't care about one (That bastard) but Chaz is getting to me. We always fall out about something or other.

Drama was fun. Nadia (The teacher) had overbooked trhe class and there were soooo many people. There was only one new guy though. He bugged me a bit. He was just so... Hollywood. He had the hair, the face and the shiny braces. Oh, and he had MY clothes. That's right. MY clothes. He was wearing a dark blue shirt over a white t-shirt with dark blue trousers. I was like "Whoa"
And he was like "Hi I'm Alan"
And I'm like "Whoa"
He was being all stuck up though. He said that he'd been in acting for a year and had been to five classes. I said that this was my first class and he laughed. So I waited calmly with a smile on my face until he stopped and I said that I had been coming here for almost 3 years. That made him shut up and I started laughing.
And a guy there got an agent! He went to the RACMD over the summer for a show and he got offered a place and an agent! He could go on to River City and shit like that. I need to talk to him and find out where he's based so I can try to get one too.

After that I went up to the Stuart Hotel for the Halo thing. Amazing. I had so much fun at it. Chris (The guy who runs it) took apart an X-Box and showed me how to chip it. I wasn't paying attention though and I almost dropped the Mother Board thingy.
Very fun.
He also gave me his giant air gun for the night and I had to shoot people who were cheating and stuff. I kept messing up this guys hair just to piss him off, and when he started to run after me I used the gun to hit his glasses off and they fll in a glass of Irn Bru. We both died of laughter after that.

I wanna talk to my friendlies!

No contact for over 2 days! My head is gonna explode!!

I tell a lie. I did get a phone call off of Samantha at the Halo thing. It was like 5 to Midnight and she phones me up and says "Would you like to talk to Jenn?" (The one who likes me)
"Hi Joe. It's me Jenn. So who do you fancie???"
"I don't know"
"Yes you do"
"No I don't"
"Yeah you do, you told me you did yesterday!"
"I lied"
"Why don't you say?"
"Cos I don't know"
"Ok, here's Samantha. I LOVE YOU!!!!"
"Hi Joe it's Samantha"
"So who is it?"
"Are you 2 retarded or something?"
"What was that?"
"Ok, we gotta go now. I'll phone you tomorow!"
"Please don't"
"That's rude"
"Well you see it's just-"
*I hang up*

I gotta go now.
My mum's making me come off the PC cos I put my webcam on to show Koori what I looked like.

Get Away from Me

Saturday, September 11, 2004
Current Mood: Kinda tired
Current Music: Slipknot- Duality

I REALLY don't deserve friends.

I know I go on about this almost every day, but it's the truth. They always fall out with me or I piss them off royally or summit like that.
Doesn't make it any less fun though.

Went to the Key again yesterday. Was great fun. I was really late though. Jen gave me a lift up (Thanx!) but we arrived ages after I was supposed to meet Maddy. We stayed in the Dolan for a bit before we went out to meet Chaz. And for the rest of the night I had to spend my time with one or the other. It was really annoying. I spent most of my time with Maddy though cos jen and Chaz were always not talking to me or falling out with me or summit. Which really pissed me off.

And I did something I wish I hadn't now... -__-

Earlier in the week I was listening to Maddy talk about how painful leg waxing was (You can guess what happens next) and I said it couldn't hurt as much as they said. So they dared me to get part of my legs waxed. And I agreed.
So at the Key they took me into the tunnel bit with Mark (He was gonna do it to) and I sat down and pulled the leg of my trousers up to show my shin. They warmed up the sticky thing and put it on my leg, then Maddy got her phone out and started to record. I was kinda nervous then, and i kept holding my leg and expecting a whole load of pain. And they pulled it off. And they all looked at me expecting me to scream or something and I said:

"Is that it?"

And then they did Mark and he thought the same thing. I was expecting a burning pain or something. Wow, girls are real pussies....
But now I regret it cos I have this giant square on my leg with no hair on it.
D'OH >.<

Anyway, Chaz was giving me the cold shoulder all night. And I was the one pissed off at her. I have this folder where I keep all my drawings and some of my writing and stuff, and I've had this folder since Primary 5 (7 years) and it has all my friends signatures in it plus a few other people (Who I don't know). I was showing Maddy it and she was getting people to sign it. The Chaz comes up, takes the pen and writes "Mumsie" on it. And I was telling her to fuck off and everything but she still did it. Bitch. I had to scribble it out and now there's a big blue patch inbetween all the signatures.
So I called her a bitch and she stopped talking to me. After an hour or so I apoligised for being a bitch and she kept on ignoring me. So I left it. Then as we were leaving I thought she was talking to me again but when I said bye she went "Excuse me, but I'm talking to my firends"
And I was like O_O
Then I was like >_<
Then it was -_-
Then I was like "Fuck off then"

She pisses me off so much sometimes! I can't beleive I used to fancie her. I know it was like 4 days ago or summit but it feels like a lifetime. She's probably gonna fall out with me properly after reading this.

I don't care though.

If you don't want to be hear what I think then don't read this. It's as simple as that.

Drama's back on today! For the first time in eons. And after it I'm going to that Halo thing with Chris. He's being nice big brother and is paying me in cos I'm broke. <_> And cos it might be the last one. The guy that runs it isn't doing too good and may have to do his paintball job full time.


My mum can be such a bitch sometimes. She just walked in here and told me to make my bed up. I said that I'd do it in a minute after I finshed what I was typing. Then she just stood there and watched the computer screen. I minimised this and I turned round and said "Can I help you?"
then she went off at me saying that I was being cheeky and anyting on this computer belongs to her. And I was like:
"Well it's a good thing this isn't on the computer is it? And what makes you think that you are allowed to see this stuff? like when you read my convos on MSN. They are the same as a phone call and I have the right to a private one."
Then she shut up and I said sorry for shouting, then she asked me what I was typing and I ignored her.

Ah well. Need to go now, Drama starts in an hour and I have to walk down because her bitchyness ain't giving me a lift.


Before I forget. Jenny has a Blog too! The first post is crap and stuff but I'm looking forward to what crap she's gonna put on it. It's barbie1000. The first post is just bitching about me really. I feel so loved ^_^

See ya.

Hatred is a Beautiful Thing

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Current Mood: Frantic
Current Music: Less Than Jake- The Brightest Bulb has Gone Out


I really shouldn't have friends. I always have some way of getting them made at me or they piss me off. Arrrrg.

Chaz came on and kept asking who I liked on MSN 30mins ago. it was REALLY annoying. She just wouldn't shut up! And I was like "I'm not saying" and she's like:

"Come on! If you tell me who you like I'll tell you who I like!"
"Chaz, has it ever occured to you that I don't care who you guys like?"
"I'll give you a clue! I like TWO people. Give me a clue"
"Mine's a girl"
"One of mine is too!"
"That got your attention"
"Ah, a joke. How comical"
"Another clue! I'm really close to one of these guys. Gimme a clue!"
"Mine's a HUMAN girl. That should narrow it down a lot"

I don't want to say! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!!

And then she started saying hurtful stuff. I dunno why it was hurtful but it was. She was saying stuff like "I ALMOST sat beside you" and "OMG you liked me THEN?!?!"
And I'm like SHUT THE FUCK UP. But she's carrying on like I'm fucking invisible


And then she got me in a bad mood for the rest of the convo. She started asking me if Chris (the guy that runs the Halo things) would go out with her and I kept telling her that he was 25 and she's like "I don't care"
then I finally remembered that he was married and that shut her up. Then she started goin on about the other guys that go to the Halo thing and askin if I would set them up with her.
And I was like "Whatever"


And I just got my Vincent sig in time. Koori says it's quite nice but I dunno.... I might change some of it. Koori sent me a pic of herself too. It was kinda blurred and faded out but she id quite hot. I don't think she read that bit when I typed it in though.

ACK! I need to go.
Damn mum.... Throwing me off the PC...

I'll see ya when I see ya.

They're Never Gonna Mess with Me Again

Current Mood: Tired and Angry
Current Music: Sugarcult- Saying Goodbye

I hate my friends.

It's not that I hate them. It's just I hate them sometimes.

We went to Glasgow today to see the Glasgow Uni open day. It was great fun. The sun was shining and we went on the underground and the train and stuff. Well cool. We were took round the Uni by Heatherbelles sister and we got tonnes of leaflets to take home. Which is good cos I'm thinking about going to Uni next year (More on that later). Anyway, we had got all the stuff and were in the West Quadrangle sitting on the grass when Dan said:
"Is anyone going to the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Finding your identity through Demons' lecture???" (guess why he wants to go) "Jen, Heather?"
He convinced Heatherbelle to go with him (Against her will) so me, Jenny and Feeney went away back to the underground and went to Buchannen Street (Sp?). We saw Maddy gettin off a tube train on the way there too. Twas good.

We shopped around for a bit and Jenny bought a top or summit. Then we headed off to Pizza Hut so we could get a seat for when Dan and Heatherbelle got back. We waited in the queue for ages until they gave us a seat. there was a really crap thing though. Cos there was 5 of us we had to sit at seperate tables. Jen, Dan and Heatherbelle got to sit in a three while I was stuck in a table with no one but Feeney.
Feeney ain't bad mind you, he's just a little bitchy.
So, we spent our whole lunch by ourselves while they went off in their own wee conversation. they only talked to us when Jen turned around to tell us to talk to each other or to cheer up or to make fun of us.
Fuck off for Chrissake.
They were taking ages to eat too. Me and feeney were finished and had paid the bill while they were still going up for more. It was not fun at all.

After that we left and Dan said "So, lets go to H&M!"
We had just been there while they were at that stupid lecture thing. Me and Feeney were really pissed off by now. We went into this really fucked up shop where Heatherbelle just insulted me for a bit. They were looking at this top where this girl had her boobs out and when I dragged myself over to look she covered it up and shouted "Joe! Don't look at this you'll get a stoner!" And there were these girls watching me too! It was really crap. And on the way out we saw some good clothes and Heatherbelle leaned over to me and said "You should those Joe so you don't look so trampish."


I don't give a shit if I wear the same clothes again! I think they look nice on me so shut the fuck up!!!
Then they started going into Bay and stuff like that so me and Feeney went into game to look at Doom3. It was good and I saw this new resi game, Resident Evil Outbreak (Note to self: tell Michael) and they shouted at us from the entrence to the shop telling us that they were moving. the guy behind the counter gave us this wierd look and we left.

THEN they went into Pilot, but me and feeney had had enough. I don't usually mind being dragged into shops and stuff like that with the girls but I was being ignored all the way through it so it wasn't fun at all. well, they ignored us until it was time for another insult. And I was about ready to jump Dan if he didn't shut the fuck up.
So, I gave them all their leaflets and me and Feeney headed home on the train. We sat across from Chris and Bethan on the way back and they spent the entire time getting off with each other. There was also this scary old man with big glasses over on the otherside that was staring at them.
Feeney gave me this kickass quote aswell that I'm gonna put on a Sig. It's:

"The essence of humanity is imperfection. To be perfect is to be subhuman"

I'm sure I heard it before but he swears that he made it up. Ah well.

And now I'm here. Typing this up and talking to Michael. Well I would be talking to him if it wasn't for the fact that he is away at the moment. Psshhh.
Itz a shame Chaz couldn't come to Glasgow today. She was on a Travel and Tourism trip and couldn't get out of it. We tried to see her on Buchannen stret and get her to do a questionaire on us but we couldn't see her. Tis a shame.


The bloody schools are merging! I know that I've known this for a while but there is a new twist in the already fucked up story. St Brides is being demolished in June. THIS June. That means that my sixth year won't be at st Brides!!! That is SO CRAP!!! We have to spend it going between St Andrews and Ballerup High. AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!
Sixth year is supposed to be fun too! Because of the free periods and low amount of classes it's supposed to be really cool! But it's not gonna be anymore! And from what I heard we arn't even gonna get our school formal!! I hate my bloody school system!!!!

Mum keeps saying that I should leave. To go to college or something or to Uni. I'd neber thought of that before. I always planned to do sixth year then Uni, it never occured to me to do anything else. But since she said it and since I went to Glasgow Uni today it seems more and more the choice for me. I'm gonna be really young though (16). But it all depends on my results for my highers so I don't know...

Damn schools making me think...

I've made a rule not to think about anything anymore. This is another one of my lessons. I should really write them down to keep track.... Anyway, I'm not gonna think into things anymore. Ever. Cos when I think into things then I usually end up in a mess. An example would be 2 days ago when I thought Chaz fancied me so I was gonna ask her out (I don't like her anymore btw). When it happened I started thinking too deeply into things, thought there was signs where there was none and shit like that. If it's happened to me once, it's happened a million times.
So there.

And I fell asleep in Chemesty on Tuesday! It was just after lunch and my eyes were getting really heavy. So I put my head in my hands and I kinda drifted off. I had a dream about a whale and lollipops and I woke up when I heard a splash in my dream (It was really the board being moved up). I checked my watch and found that I had been out for almost 10mins.

*Nervous Laugh*

And I have something to say about lunch on Tuesday!Jen, Chaz and Heatherbelle came in like 15mins late cos they were held back in Maths or summit. Anyway, Jenny raced up to me and asked "Is it true?!"
And I'm like, O_O
And she's like, "The big secret you told Charlotte!!!"
"What big secret?"
"You know! The one where you and Jo... You know."
I looked to Chaz and she winked at me. So I galred at her and said nothing.
"Oh My God it IS true!"
Then she ran to the vending machine with Dan and Heatherbelle and I had a private word with Chaz (Feeney was there but that didn't matter).
"So I had sex with Jo did I?"
"What else could I have said?"
"Nothing at all"
"You should've seen Jens reaction though"
"Is this another one of your tests?" Like the one they did on me. Where they told me about Jen gettin off with some one at the Key to see if I was jealous. They said that I was, kinda backfired though since I liked Chaz at the time (Not anymore).
"Nope, but it's turning out to be one."
"Whatcha mean?"
"She was soooooo jealous when i told her"
As if
"As if" I said.

Then she came back and Feeney told her what we said. Bastard.

And I'm leaving it at that. Man this post is long. I might post later if I've got something new. Until then....

*Disappears in cloud of smoke*


*cough cough*

It's in Our Nature to Kill Ourselves

Monday, September 06, 2004
Current Music: Dandy Warhols- Boheiman Like You

Life is confusing.

"And the understatement of the year goes to.... JOE"

Friends are really confusing too. Especially the girls.... It's like, one minute they like you the next minute they hate you and then the next minute they like you again.
And I'm like "CRAP!"

Ok, here's the skinny. ON saturday night, Chaz started saing all this stuff about how she liked me and shit. I didn't take it seriously at first (Look at previous post to find my lesson), but then Heatherbelle got into it by opening up a convo box and asking me if I fancied her. I didn't say anything at the time because I was unsure if it was true or not. But I did. I don't anymore but I did at that time.
So, I didn't think much of it until today when Jen decided to shit stir. So I asked her out. And she got freaked out. And we all had this big fallout but everythings fixed now.
I'll put my sellotape away then....

And Koori's back!!!

She got back from camping and is on MSN! But that means I usually have too many people to talk to. But it's still fun.

And I got 300 posts on WR!!! I didn't even notivce it until I went to check my sig. Oh! I got a sig! I made it myself too. I got a pic from Shaman King and put words in it. It's really cool. Here it is.

Tis great isn't it?
it's Yoh and Anna. They're great.


And I got this excellent Shaman King wallpaper, it's Yoh and this other guy standing back to back. It really is class. I love that show.... Shame they stopped it on FoxKids. I would post it but it's reeeeally big. It would really mess up my Blog.
But nothing's stopping me from making a link!
He he heeeeee

And I might just leave it at that.

It's really taking me longer to write this up. I should stop talking to some people....

Ah well. G' night

Save Me from My Fate

Saturday, September 04, 2004
Current Mood: Excited for some reason
Current Music: Bif Naked- We Are the Lucky Ones

I'm no good with friends.

I've made Chaz fall out with me a million times in two days.
And I got a few more slaps (Not good).
But it's been fun.

I went to the Key for the first time on friday! Twas good fun. Me an Jen went up and sat in the Dolan for about 15 minutes while waiting for Heatherbelle and Chaz. They (eventually) arrived and we went in.
It was sooooo much fun!
Maddy got REALLY hyper and was really funny and shit. Jen just stood at the side of the pool table for most of the night talking to Mari-Anne and Heatherbelle and Chaz. I was gonna play a game of football but then I remembered I was crap at that... So I was gonna play basketball but there were too many people >.<
I played two games of pool with Steven devlin though. I got thrashed twice but I got in one (very) amazing trickshot.
I was potting stripes and there was a striped on lined up at the pocket, but inbetween it was a spot and another striped. So I was gonna hit the first stripe to hit the spot to hit the second stripe into the pocket, but it didn't happen that way. The cue I had was way too long and way too thin so i had a little trouble aiming. But anyway, I hit the cue ball wrong and it flew over the two balls and pocketed the striped one! I was so chuffed.
But I lost the game so it was kinda crap...

Went to see the terminal today. It was a good film. Very... Heart warming. Was dead long though. My ass was like numb by the end of it.
So... Yeah.

It's WR's birthday today!!!
Tis one year old today! Time to get out the virtual rum!

And Koori is still away camping. Tis annoying. I got nothing to read now, and MSn ain't the same. I need her advice on certain subjects....
It's amazing ain't it?
I'm more willing to trust an almost complete stranger with things that I would never dream of sharing with my friends.

I have learned may lesons in life. Very few have stuck, but one has been with me for many years. It sorta came from dad of all people, and from personal experiences too but still... It used to be really long but I shortened it down to something I can remember. And now I'm gonna share it with yas... Man this sound sad.

"Never trust a soul. Ever."

It doesn't seem like much, but it really is. And it's only recently that I've come to use it.

And with that happy note I leave you.

I Look to the Past for Guidance, History Always Repeats Itself

Friday, September 03, 2004
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Staind- Outside

I had a good day at school.

To start it off, there was a boy skipping to school today. SKIPPING!! I almost laughed at him. He was this little primary school guy and he would walk a few steps before breaking into a skip.
It was like; *WalkWalkWalkWalk (Pause) SkipSkipSkipSkipSkip (Pause)WalkWalkWalkWalk
I was almost dieing with laughter.

Maths was hilarious too. We had a Tech teacher as a substitute and he kept trying to teach us maths that we already knew. So every time he finished a sentence we just added stuff on. It was like "Now down here we have the blah blah blah" and we added on "And as I bend down look at my terrifically rubbish comb over"
Twas great.
I also said this absolutely AMAZING joke that I've forgotten now... Damn... It made me and John laugh so loud that we got into trouble. Twas great.

Lunch was ok. We just talked about the random crap that we usually do. But Feeney was being a real bastard. More than usual. We are going into Glasgow next week to check out the Glasgow Uni open day. At the end of it we're all gonna go to Pizza Hut and get the buffet before heading home. We invited Feeney to come with us and he's like "How much?!?!?!" and stuff. We told him that it was around 7 squid for a buffet and drinks with free refills. And he's like "Fucking extortionate"(Sp?). he kept saying that randomly throughout lunch and finally decided to get a small pizza and a glass of water. He then asked if I would split the pizza with him.
No way!
Knowing the way Feeney eats I'd probably get a crumb or something.
And he's minted too! The point of money is to spend it, not save it till it's worthless...

Lunch ended and we all moved to our next classes. Computing wasn't as fun as it usually is. Less puns than usual. Since there's only 6 people in the class we can joke around quite a lot. There was one good pun by me though.
The teacher was talking about information buses and she said "Does anyone know where the buses are situated in the computer?"
And I was daydreaming so I said "The bus station"
And jacko swiveled around in her seat and slapped me!

Wasn't the last slap I would have that day too.

Jen slapped me about 8 time in H&M cos I said she was kinda like Feeney. Chaz slapped me twice across the cheek. They really hurt too. I was winding her up cos she was annoying me and she walked up to me and slapped me. It hurt but I didn't say anything until she walked away. Then i said "Your little man slap didn't really hurt. Might want to punch next time" As a joke an all. So she turned around and gave me another belter right on my cheek. It stung like shit.
And Jen slapped me while we were walking home. To be fair I kinda asked her to. I wanted to see if her slaps were worse than Chaz's or Louie's. She wouldn't do it at first but I eventually got her to. We were standing beside Kirktonholme Primary and she kinda tapped me twice on the cheek. Then I said "Go on, give it your a-" and she slapped me.
It was a peach too. My head rang and I sorta went deaf in one ear and I felt a little dizzy after it. But I'm fine now.
I think...

I just saw the trailer for Advent Children! It's just so wow! It's like Oh My Fucking God this is KICKASS.
It's really wow.

AND my bro got an Ipod!!! Wheee!! My mum brought one back from Manchester. It's sooooooo sweet!! It's all smooth and stuff... Very nice. It can hold 40Gigs of data too!!!
VERY nice.
And I get his old MP3 player. Even if it is broken. I'm gonna take it into the centre and get it fixed though.

That's it really.

Chaz has got a new blog too. She hasn't posted anything on it (Yet) but here it is anyway. Goofenetta von Goldfish

That's all for today folks!