Sleepwalking my way through life: When the voice within just won't shut up

When the voice within just won't shut up

Current Mood: Ecstatic
Current Music: RHCP- Roller Coaster

I've been spinning round in my chair for the past 10 minutes and I ain't getting sick!
I'm having a good day. I got good exam results, I got 200 posts on Warriors Realm (Go me!), I had 3 celebratory cokes for my results (And my friends) and I ain't gettin sick after spinning in a chair! Wheeeee!!!!
Went to the cinema with peeps yesterday, twas fun except for 13 going on 30.... IT'S CRAP. I wanted to hit Dan but there were too many security cameras nearby. Which was crap. We made up though, like 3 minutes before we left though. ^_^
Bought my first anime dvd too. They all went into Superdrug to get shit so I ducked into HMV for a few minutes to look for the Sugarcult CD. They didn't have it so I wandered over to the anime section (The idiots labeled the area "Manga") to look at a few of them. I picked up the first Hellsing dvd and Jenny and Chaz came up behind me and started shouting at me.
They started going on about Hentai and stuff and what I was looking at. I said that it was to do with violence and stuff. They were like "How can cartoons be violent?" and I'm like "Anime was violent because of some of the stuff it shows. " And they were like "Yeah right"
So I bought it. And one day they're gonna watch it and see that it ain't all cuddly shit and sick porn. Some of it is quite grusome. There's a bit where a woman gets a sword through her throat and blood is flying everywhere. And when a priest gets shot in the head only to come back again and stab the (good) vampire with about eight swords that all go through him. I might actually watch it again.
I left the shop and the first thing Heather asked me was "Did you just spend £20 on cartoons" I started to explain for the billionth time that it wasn't just a cartoon but I gave up and said yes.
I saw Louie too. Whooo! She's working at savers and I had to help her get change. We walked all the way up to the Post Office in the rain, stood in a very large queue only to find that we went to the wrong Post Office! Was good though. She told me about her new Skater boyfriend and shit, and I told her about my summer. Twas cool.
Went home, watched my dvd, made dinner, fell asleep. My live is just riveting isn't it?
Am currently editing sketches that I got of the net and adding them to my collage. I only need 1 more to complete it (I think, maybe 2) then I'll post it on here or something.
Am bored now so I'll watch Hellsing again.
In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.
I'll see ya when I see ya.
*Still Spinning*
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