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Walking in Circles

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I'm back again!!!!
I took a plane back from my dads house this afternoon and am once again on-line! WHOOOO!!!!
But the crap thing is that my MSN's broken. <_> And I can't even get into my e-mail or anything! Chris says that it started just after I left and he doesn't know what happened. He lies like a flatfish. And Warriors Realm looks like it's down too so I can't even say hey to everyone and they changed fucking sites in Gamers Army! I lost all my posts, my status and now I have to re-register. They sent me an e-mail telling me where to go for the next step to register BUT MY E-MAIL IS DOWN. This is a great home-coming....
And WinMx is fucked up too!!! I got a whole load of songs to download and it isn't working! I even tried firing up my old Kazza but even that flopped on me. I think something's up with my connection. Phil gave me a ton of good songs to download, like Time to Burn (The Rasmus) and Leaving song (AFI). The leaving song is sooooooo good! It's like:
"Walked away, heard them say, poisoned hearts will never change. Walk away, again.
Turned away, in disgrace, felt the chill upon my face, cooling from within...."
Tis great.
I had good fun at dads though. He was at work most of the time so I just stayed out with Phil. We just walked and talked and we would end up miles from home and would need to phone to get get a lift back >.< It was great. My peeps never do stuff like that, we just walk about the centre and talk or go to the cinema or summit. Gets repetitive after a while. Meh.
I'm trying to take a picture of my drawings with my digi-cam instead of my web-cam and it ain't working. I'm gonna use mums to see if it comes out any better. I'll prob call Jenny tonight and see if what time she's going to da cinema at on Mon. Can't wait to see ma peeps again. ^_^
Except Danny though. He's been telling lies about me. Again. Rat bastard, going behind some ones back. I wouldn't mind if he did it to my face. Then again I would, since this is such a fucked up lie. He said that I wanted to... Wanted to have anal sex with Heather. Sick isn't it?
I didn't even like Heather. I just said I did so that Samantha would stop being so awkward. Funny huh? I'm willing to jeprodize my friendship with some one just so I could go out with some one else. I know. I'm screwed up.
I don't fancy anyone anymore. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Least expensive I suppose. Phil has a girlfriend. Mel. She's dead nice. Ever since he became a goth I thought he hung around with gothy people. Like all "Life sucks" and "Satan rules" and "If you look at me again then I'll stab you" but she ain't. I was down there for three weeks and only met her the day I was supposed to leave. Great timing. I got her hotmail addy though so I can talk to her an shit. If my MSN was working at least. And she memorised my mobile number! I was texting her (Phil had no credit) and she just memorised it so she wouldn't have to look me up in her phone book. I was talking to her on Phil's front garden and she randomly said:
"I've memorised your mobile number"
I was surprised.
"Really? Go on then"
She rattles it off to me.
"Jesus Christ I don't even know it!"
Twas great. And earlier that day my Dad shouted at a preacher. We were walking through Bicester Town and some Christian preachers were in the middle of the street shouting "God is the way!" and "God commands thee to repent!" and kept handing out leaflets. After recieving over five leaflets I finally said to one "No thank you, I'm a Satanist" he backed away from me after that. It was really funny. Anyway, Dad got given a leaflet and the woman said "Jesus died on the cross for you sir"
"No he didn't" Came my Dads reply.
"Yes he did sir."
"No he didn't"
"He died for everyone here sir!" She shouted as he walked away.
"No he didn't!" he shouted back.
"May God forgive you for your blasphemy!"
My dad turned around and faced her (Some distance away), shouted back, "THERE IS NO GOD!", tore up the leaflet and walked off. I couldn't stop laughing. They avoided us after that. Brilliant.
I think I might come off and phone Jenny the now. It's boring on the comp now. No sites to visit. No songs to download. I don't even have any sketches to edit. And I can't find RPG Maker! I got RPG Toolkit at the moment and it's crap so I want RPG Maker. Phil has it and it's so easy to use! Pshhh. Crappy comp. Chris might buy us a new one though. He's got over a thousand squid from his job and he's thinking of buying either and I-Pod or a new Pc. I don't mind which he gets. As long as I keep my songs.
I think all of MSN is fucked up. It won't even let me register a new account. I'll ask Jenny. I'm off now. Can't be arsed staying on any longer. I'll probably be on later though.
I'M BACK!!!!
I'll see ya when I see ya.
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