Sleepwalking my way through life: Here We Go. On the Road to Hell

Here We Go. On the Road to Hell

Current Mood: Ticked off
Current Music: Phantom Planet- California

That's right.
My mum took the keys to the conservatory with her today so I couldn't get on till late.
*Is so annoyed*
And WR is down!
*Is really pissed*
AND the chat isn't working again!
*Head explodes*

I've had a bad day too.

Not just that, a bad week! It's feels like a crap week this week so I'm going with that. I've felt miserable all day and did nothing to hide it. I was silent, distant and dark.
It was kinda annoying though. People asking you what's up every five seconds. Hardly smiled all day. Emma made me laugh though. She was on about how my face was so down that I would trip over it. It was funny. I laughed.

Oh my God lunch!!

All my friends went away to do this Uni thing and I was left having lunch with Dan. Not a pleasant experience let me tell ya. We weren't talking or anything (which I didn't mind to be honest) and then Jenny B (The one that really likes me) came over and asked us to their table.

NO!!! Leave me alone you psycotic stalker!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


*Slaps forehead with hand*

We get over there and it's just them talking (Them being all of them and Dan) while I just sat there and smiled. Psshhh. I hate smiling when I don't need to. Unless there's a nice lookin girl in the centre... ^_^
Anyway, I was just sitting there doing nothing so I decided to bring out my notebook and pen so I could write something. I started to get going really well and I was developing things in my head spur of the moment.

I love it when I get a rythm like that.

So, I was off writing in my kick ass rythm and Jenn turns around to look at me.
Jenn: "What you doing?"
What does it look like you stupid cow?!?!
Me: "Writing"
Jenn: "For what? Homework? Essay?"
For myself you ignorant bitch
Me: "For me"
Jenn: "Why?"
To get away from this place! To get into my own little world where people do as I say!
Me: "Cos"
Jenn: "No really why?"
Because you don't exist in my world!!!!
Me: "Cos"
Jenn: "Fine then I'll shut up"
There is a God!!
Jenn: "So who ya fancy?"
And then I lost my rythm! I couldn't think of anything else to write!
Curse you woman...

And today at lunch!!

I was all silent and spaced out and she asks me what's up. I'm like "Nothing" and she's like "Yeah there is" and I'm like "No, there's not" and then Jenny (My Jenny) joins in and starts saying that I've been in a mood all day. I had not! The world has been in a mood with me all day...
So, she and her friends got up to leave and she started getting on at my Jenny saying that she "sooooo" fancied me. As if. Who would like me? Lolz...

She kept touching my hair! She put her fingers through it as she stood up. I ducked out of it and was like "HOLY CRAP!!" and no one else saw it! Then she kept tugging on bits of it while she talked to Jenny! I was freaking out. She eventually left, but just after school ended we passed each other in the corridor and I said Hi and she stuck her arm out and slapped me on the stomache!!!! I think that she was aiming a little lower though....


Why do I attract all the ugly people?
Helen! She likes me too and she's just scary! She sits infront of me in English and every once in a while she stares at me. I pretend not to notice and continue with work but all the whites in her eyes show!!!!!! It really freaks me out!!

I got the chat thingy working again. Except no one is on anymore.... <_> Koori was on DeviantArt but she didn't go on chat...
I hate not having MSN. Thousands people are chatting on it but I'm not one of them. I want to be part of the statistic!!!!!

Now that I think about it, I don't actually know who I fancy yet.... I should look out for people....
*Looks out*
Nope... No one within the radius of 10 metres... Must loook tomorrow...


I can be really strange sometimes.

Sorry about last post. I was kinda in a mood. >_< Am ok though... for now.
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