Sleepwalking my way through life: Failed Atempts to Fly

Failed Atempts to Fly

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Trying to get Outlaw Star to work

I hate this damn PC!!!! I just spent 3 days downloading the first 9 episodes of Outlaw Star and it isn't working!!! ARRRRGGG!!!!
First day back at school today. Psshhh. We had to go to Beupre (Sp?) to be sorted into our classes. They called out the first class. I was in it. My friends weren't. I hate being at the bottom of the alphabet. It always causes so much tension. All the names were called out (None of my friends were called) and there was a pause before Laura Service and me. It was like:
"Blah blah, Blah blah, Laura Service and......" Holding my breath ".....Joseph [LAST NAME]."
Then in the silence that followed I whispered a very audible "Shit". Some people turned round to stare at me it was so loud. Wasn't too bad though. I got to sit beside John. It was great fun. We only did 2 pages of work because we talked so much. And no homework! All the other classes got homework except us.
I'm not in any of Jenny's classes anymore. Shame really. Can't annoy the hell out of her.
Will miss it I will.
But I have to sit beside Dan in 2 classes now. It's ok kinda. I'm still really really REALLY pissed off at him. Lying bastard. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!
I was ripping it out of him in Chemestry though. It was great fun. He was bitching to me about his acne and I told him to cut the crap and stop eating the fucked up foods he has. It's like nothing but grease and sweets.
"Shut up Joe. And anyway, scientists have discovered that stuff like that has nothing to do with spots"
"Yeah, and at the same time they discovered a flying pig."
That was a class come back if you ask me. Heheheeee.
I'm looking at the post I made on Sunday night. I was really messed up. Hah! I'm usually like that but I have enough sense to shut my mouth.
Went to see Catwoman yesterday. It's a good film. If not a little bit pervy at some bits. I didn't mind though. ^_^
We were in the back row and it was so much fun. There was no one in front so I put my feet up to rest and Danny used his cup as a hat. Then I started throwing popcorn at them when they asked me if I was turned on. Shame Heatherbell couldn't come. They dragged me to Our Lady Of Lourds afterwards though. Boring as fuck. They just stood there being nostalgic and all while I stood thinking. I satrted to kick about a stone but they shouted at me when it hit their "precious gates". Funny as hell though.
Today was good. Except for lunch. Everyone just seemed to ignore me. Unless it was for an insult. It was like:
Dan:"Why are people selebate?"
Me:"Because they devote their body and mind to God or something."
Dan:"Why isn't anyone answering?"
Me:"Because they devote their body and mind to God"
Heather:"Cause they can't get any in the first place."
Me:"Body and mind for God!"
Dan:""Good one. But seriously why do they do it?"
Me:"FOR GOD!!!!!"
Dan:"Did you say something?"
*Head explodes*
I had to go up to see my computing teacher because I left my glasses in the class. I knocked on the door and my old spanish teacher came out and started asking me 20 questions about my results. Couldn't be bothered. I hated her. She made me dislike spanish. It was a fun language until she got her hands on it. Lolz.
My MSN is still down. Psshhh. I had to get Jenny to check it for me yesterday. Apparently there's tons from my dad and from Micheal. Psshhh. At least she deleted the ones I got from WR. Woot!
Heheheeee. I love that word. Never use it though.

"I see your face and every punch I take, and every bone I break, it's all for you.
And my worst pains are words I cannot say, still I will always, fight on for you."
Yellowcard - Gifts and Curses

Kick-ass song.Another example of Dan insane-ness. He was talking about songs to download from True Crime (The Game), and he started talking about this song by Taproot but he wasn't sure what it was. He started quoting from it it and he said "This song is a something something, it haelps me to something. In case of fire, break the something". Of course I knew the damn song you Cum Dribbling Asshole. I had tried to make him download it a few months back but he said it was a piece of shit. I started to shout at him but he started to ignore me again.
What a bastard!
WR is as dead as a graveyard at the moment. It's like 8 in the morning where they all are. Blue3023 is on though. And in 3 hours I'm gonna have my drawing!!
Since I drew a Fire Dude for her she's returning the favour and drawing some one for me. Woot! She's gonna draw me a guy named Alexander that I described to her. Wheee! Then I'll have something to edit! She always does Lineart so it's gonna be soooooooo cool.
Thank ye Blue!!!
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