Sleepwalking my way through life: Corruption in the Blood

Corruption in the Blood

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: Papa Roach- Blood Brothers

*Kicks PC*
*Breathes in and out heavily*
Maybe I do need anger managment.
Here's the skinny. I just spent an hour typing up a post for this Blog, a really long one, and the computer fucked up and shut down while I was in the middle of posting it!
*Kicks PC again*
Piece of shit
*Hard drive splutters*
*Returns to normal*
Thank God. Piece of shit.
*Kicks PC*
*Evil Laugh*

Anyway, where was I?
Oh yes, need to start again.... Goody.

Came home from school really tired today. I seem to notice how far I half to walk when I'm not with Jen. Sucks really. Anyway, I got home and my brother and two of his friends are in the house playing a game Chris had just bought. As soon as I walked in they both had to leave.

Had an ok day at school today. Decided not to hit Dan. Actually a coin toss decided it but that's another story. Would I have fought him anyway? Who knows? I'll never know now.
We ain't friends anymore. You think I'm sad? Nope. Not at all. We ain't friends then we ain't friends. I've known it for a long time and it was time to face the music (and dance!). But seriously though, I'm glad that this whole thing is behind us now. Bastard.
Jen and Chaz were furious with us because we weren't friends (More angry at Dan). Don't understand why. We're still gonna hang out and all, just not be friends. I'm actually slightly confused on the matter.
He might be changing Chem classes too. Yay! No more awkwardness!! Woot!

Heatherbell's getting the net today. But my MSNs still down so I can't talk to her <_> Jen or Chaz will probably tell her about this place. They read it for a good laugh. Makes me feel kinda small really. To find ones life amusing. Or maybe it's the way one narrates?
We shall never know.
They haven't even seen my Deviant Art yet!!!
You! Go here!

*Beep Beep*
My phone just went off. Hmmm....
I just got a text from 8193 or summit. It said "You must be a good shooter because I kept missing you :-) (Next Page) Please Text back 99p/message... etc"

I need to come off now. My computer's all fucked again and I need to restart it.
*Kicks PC*
*PC fizzles and dies*
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