Sleepwalking my way through life: Not so bored anymore... Just tired.

Not so bored anymore... Just tired.

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Uggh. I hardly got any sleep last night. The twin terrors stole my room for the night and I was forced to sleep downstairs on the floor. At least it was better than the couch...
Sorry I was cut off last time. My mum literally threw me off the computer. Uggh.
I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the oldest of the terrors how to play Harry Potter and the philosiphers stone (My mum bought me it like 3 years ago). It didn't install properly or something so everything was in slow motion and there was a three minute gap between characters saying their sentences. Very tedious.
It's so warm outside! My computer is in my conservatory and when the sun shines on it it acts like a mini oven. The good thing about it is that it kills all the flies that have decided to infest my home. Yay?
What else can I talk about? (I seem to ask that question a lot these days.... I have a very boring life). I finally got to see my LotR DVD, but my mum and my brother were arguing all the way through it so it wasn't that fun... :-( I'm gonna watch all the special features later on today though. That's right folks. I am that sad.
There's something new that I want to bitch about now (I've just seem it in Warriors Realm). What is with "teh"? Danny keeps going on at my because he thinks that it's a mistake. But how can soooooo many people make mistakes on the same bloody word!!!
Is it supposed to be "t"? Like they say in some places in England? "Open t door Judy.." And if it isn't then why do they use it? It isn't shorter, it doesn't take less time! AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! I also hate the replacing words with numbers. But more about that next time. See ya!!
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