Sleepwalking my way through life: May 2004

I don't care

Sunday, May 30, 2004
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Current Music: Lost Prophets- Last Train Home

I don't care if this is my third post of the day. I'M BORED OUT OF MY TINY INSIGNIFICANT MONKEY BRAIN! I hate being in UK. Since it's a different time zone from America and Australia (That means you Kitty) I can't talk to anyone on Warriors Realm. It sucks big time! I just keep refreshing the main page in the hope that some one will come on and reply to my forums. Aggh! Wait... YES! We have a reply (I AM NOT SAD). Crap.. It's just about a PS2 emulator that I wanted. Damn.
Louie is on!!!! She's never on. Infact the last time she was on was at the beginning of third year. And I haven't spoken to her in something like two weeks. And now she's off again. Holy crap this is a boring entry. I should just delete it now....
I know. I could describe myself (Since I haven't done that yet).
Like I said before, I'm 15 years old and I live in Glasgow in Scotland (I have been asked this many times - No, we do not wear kilts). I am in 4th year (Soon to be 5th year) at my High School and I have just recently finished my exams (Yay). I guess I should write about me now. I'm around 6ft 1" (Really tall) and I think I'm getting quite skinny, which is really bad when your as tall as I am. I have really dark brown hair that some people mistake for black (Idiots) and I have dark brown eyes with kinda green rims. I always wear dark blue or black clothing.... Unless it's a white t-shirt.
I eat a lot. Like non-stop. Itz really scary. I love chocolate, and cookies, and fruit, and meat, and some veggies, and cola, and Iron Bru, and lottsa other stuff.
More people are on MSN now. Which is good. Now I have something to do instead make this unimaginably boring (Not that it isn't yet). Chaz is on for the first time in eons, Jenny is as talkative as usual (Not at all) and now... Ali has come on. And now I've blocked him.
"Yoyo Jomoseaxual" (What some guys call me at school. Along with Mojojojoe, Silly Doe, Jobie Wan Kenobi, Blow Joe, and many others that I care not to mention)
"No. The drummer from Kiss"
"Ur very funny"
"I know. How u been?"
"I've got too many people to talk to"
"I don't care"
"But u asked me a question. And I answered."
"Well I don't care anymore."
"Fine then. What's up with you?"
"Is that a threat?"
"......... Yes. Yes it is"
"U bone ur maw."
"I bone urs too Ali. Goodbye".
That was fun. And I had something to type (At last). But now I have to come off the PC. (My bro wants on) So I'll write in later.
C ya.

Now I'm bored AND tired

Current Music: Linkin Park- Part of Me

I'm back. My mum (Once again) threw me off the Pc to drag me to Homebase.
"Let's just pop out for ten minutes" She said to me.
Two hours later we arrived home, bitchy and tired. She bit my bros head off when he came downstairs for a sandwhich and started accusing him of not studying. I think she's calmed down a bit now, but I'm not unlocking the door until she drops the knife. Just kidding.
For the past ten minutes I've been downloading songs from a band called Taproot. They're pretty good and if anyone reads this (Danny, listen) download "Poem" by Taproot. It was in True Crime and it is amazing.
What else have I been doing? My cousins have finally left (After another hour of the dreaded Harry Potter) and I once again have solitude at my computer. Not "What you doin? What ya typin?" Every five seconds.
God this is sooo boring. Oh yeah. The number thing. I HATE IT!!! Why not just write it in English? Do we speak numbers? Why put "311373" instead of "ellete"? (Is that how you spell it?) Or "H1 3v3ry1" instead of "Hi everyone"? AAAARRRRGGGG.
*Tear chunk of hair out*
*Realises what has been done and glues hair back on*
Now I'm just looking at this anime tutorial website. I may like anime a lot and I may try to draw it but I still aint no good at it. It's quite good, except it doesn't tell you how to draw male eyes. Argg. Everything else is what it's cracked up to be though. I think.... I'm also looking at some Hellsing reviews (The DVD that I want to buy that I mentioned in my first blog) and it looks quite good. It's all about religious hunters. They search out vampires and what not and kill them in the name of God. Kinda like Van Helsing.... They have similar names too. Interesting.
And now I'm bored (If you haven't figured it out by now, I take 10 minute breaks after each paragraph.... I'm lazy). Just listening to the same songs over and over and over and over again. I can't even think of any songs to download (If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section. Thank you!).
EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW. I'm eating a sandwhich at the moment (Marks and Sparks ham..... Mmmm) and a fly flew onto it and started to walk about on it while I was eating. I dropped my sandwhich and started spitting out the piece in my mouth. When I reached down to pick up the sandwhich and bin it there were FOUR flies on it. I ran for the Raid and wasted them all. Muahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!
I am too bored for words now so I'm just gonna end this now and write in the stuff again in my LiveJournal. I started one earlier today but all I've done is copy stuff over from my Blog. I don't even think I'll keep my LiveJournal, it's more confusing than this. And I can't be arsed writing all my stuff twice. Sod it. I'll keep this one.
I'll see ya next time.

Not so bored anymore... Just tired.

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Uggh. I hardly got any sleep last night. The twin terrors stole my room for the night and I was forced to sleep downstairs on the floor. At least it was better than the couch...
Sorry I was cut off last time. My mum literally threw me off the computer. Uggh.
I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the oldest of the terrors how to play Harry Potter and the philosiphers stone (My mum bought me it like 3 years ago). It didn't install properly or something so everything was in slow motion and there was a three minute gap between characters saying their sentences. Very tedious.
It's so warm outside! My computer is in my conservatory and when the sun shines on it it acts like a mini oven. The good thing about it is that it kills all the flies that have decided to infest my home. Yay?
What else can I talk about? (I seem to ask that question a lot these days.... I have a very boring life). I finally got to see my LotR DVD, but my mum and my brother were arguing all the way through it so it wasn't that fun... :-( I'm gonna watch all the special features later on today though. That's right folks. I am that sad.
There's something new that I want to bitch about now (I've just seem it in Warriors Realm). What is with "teh"? Danny keeps going on at my because he thinks that it's a mistake. But how can soooooo many people make mistakes on the same bloody word!!!
Is it supposed to be "t"? Like they say in some places in England? "Open t door Judy.." And if it isn't then why do they use it? It isn't shorter, it doesn't take less time! AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! I also hate the replacing words with numbers. But more about that next time. See ya!!


Saturday, May 29, 2004
Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: System of a Down- Chop Suey

If you can't guess by the mood indicator and/or the title (Are you blind?) I'm BORED. I have nothing to do!! Except wait for my little cousins to come round, aka The Twin Terrors (They're not actually twins but they do everything together). They are so hyper! ALL THE TIME. It's like they never sleep! And the worst thing is that I'm not allowed to watch my newly bought Lord of the Rings DVD until they leave.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I'll try and see if I can watch it when they go to sleep.
Right now I'm on the net (DUH) typing this and going through my Warriors Realm Forum. The girl in the Rp that I'm in has finally continued the story slightly (Yay!), even though it leaves me with a bloody head and being knocked unconscious (Boo!). I actually did something this morning though. Since I'm finally not grounded anymore I can go out and stuff. I finally went to the centre (For the first time in weeks) and my Mum got me two pairs of shorts and some new shoes for my holiday, which was pretty cool of her. When we were in Marks and Sparks Jenny phoned me on my Mobile and asked if I could go out for the afternoon. I said yes and I met her at the library at about 11am I guess. She was all by herself an all, wee shame. She tried phoning Heather but her phone was off, she tried phoning Chaz but she was sleeping, then she tried to phone Danny, an his dad picked up. He shouted something about being in France and hung up. Jenny was scared. Lol.
I need to go now but I'll try to fill in some more stuff later. G'Bye!


Friday, May 28, 2004
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: The Mars Volta-Televators

Hey. Nothing much to report. Except, well... ALL OF MY EXAMS ARE FINISHED!!!!!!
I can't believe it! No more days of revision, No more nights of being bored in bed reading crappy physics books, I can go out on the weekends!!!!! I feel so happy! The crap thing is though I have to do this all over again next year... Uggh. But I don't have to worry about that for a while.
Another good thing is that I still have a week of study leave left before I have to go back to school, and I'm thinking of studying either the tv, computer or my PS1. You know, for physics. Speaking of my PS1 reminds me of something that happened when I was playing it the other day... And not studying :-P But that isn't the point.
I was playing it (in a good mood because I was tearing through the bosses and I was almost at the bit when Aeries died) and I got a phone call from Danny. He, Jenny, Heather, and Louie (More about her later) had just finished their HE exam, and it was their last one. He started bragging about it and how he doesn't have to study and how he was going to France and shit. I didn't mind that bit, he does it all the time. It was just after it that started to piss me off. All my friends make fun of me all the time, and they do it over the worst things. Like I had this kinda lump thing in the crotch of my trousers and Heather suddenly screamed "STONER" as loud as she could (I didn't have one btw) and now everyday at lunch they suddenly scream stoner at me.
Whoops... Off topic. Where was I? Oh yeah... So he phoned me up and said "Guess what we've been talking about all day today? Your armpit hair!".
I was just sitting there staring blankly ahead of me. "What?" was, of course, my answer.
"We've been making fun of your armpit hair ALL DAY!".
I stayed silent. I personaly think that my armpit hair is ok. Of course I don't shave it (I suspect that Danny does though...) but it isn't out of control, and it aint as bad as some guys I've seen on Music Vids.
"Joe? You still there?"
"Against my will, of course."
"We were just saying how disgusting it is and stuff"
"Whatever" I was getting pissed now.
"What you doin?"
"Playing FF7"
"That reminds me! I still need to tell the girls on what you said about FFX-2"
"Whatever" I was looking at the box in Game and he had tutted at me, I said that they were hot. (They are! They change into little bikinis and stuff... Sweet)
"Joe? It's Jennifer. You are sick. I mean they're cartoons for Gods sake!"
"Are you even listening to me? You twisted freak" (She doesn't mean it)
"Jennifer, listen to this. This is the sound of me not giving a shit!"
I hung up and returned to the game. The phone rang again.
"Fuck off" I sang (That's right, sang) back down the phone and hung up again.
I didn't bother answering after that. That was a nice little story wasn't it kids? Anything else to say? Ah yes...

Louie- Actually Louise. We met on the first day of Chemestry and had fun. We used to pass notes to each other all the time then we just stopped. Wierd huh? She's like best friends with Danny now though. I think that her and Heather combined would make a female Danny... Not that he isn't already a female.... BURN!!!

I have another story! Yay! We can have fun bitchng about things! Whooo hooo!
This one starts off at something like 4.30am on Thursday. I was in my bed (Sleeping of course) when I suddenly awoke with the worst runny nose ever! (Bear with me it gets better). I'm lying there in a half sleep trying to wipe it onto my arm or something. I eventually tried to block it with my pyjama top but it just soaked through. I eventually lifted my hand up to catch the numerous drips and my mind woke up a bit. I thought what's wrong with my nose that's making it run so much? I looked down at my pillow and it was covered in dark smudges. It finally clicked in my head so I got up and stumbled into the bathroom. I turned on the light and had to wait 10minutes or somethin before my eyes stopped hurting. When they did stop I stared at the mirror and smiled. It looked as thought I had been in a giant fight. My nose was bleeding and the blood was smeared around my mouth, my hands and arms were covered in blood (Kinda scary) and my top was covered in splatters. I wish I had taken a picture... When I cleaned myself off I returned to my bed and stared at my pillow. It was literaly soaked in blood, like I could squeeze it and blood would drip out. So I had to go back out into the cold dark hallway and get another pillow. I eventually got back into bed and settled myself into a good posistion and tried to get some sleep. Key Word-Tried. I couldn't drop off for ages. AAAARRRGGG!!!

That's that story finished too... Wow this is long... What else is left to say... The Warriors Realm thing that I'm on (The Rp) is getting knida slow. Two other people have joined but it's still all about me an this girl. An we're kinda writting our way into a dead-end. Eeek. I got nothing else to say now... so I'll just leave it here... Bye!

Heya (Continued)

Friday, May 21, 2004
Heya. Again. Where was I? Oh yeah, my friends.

John- I guess I should include him here, since I talk to him a lot an all. He's quite a cool guy. He knows a lot about computers. Especially hacking. He's the one that put the virus on the school system to put up Austin Powers when the home page loaded. He's really a good guy though, he's not destined for super evil hackingness. I hope.

That's mostly all of my friends then. If I remember any more then I'll write them in. If you haven't noticed yet I don't really pay much attention to them. There is one guy though. Who aint my friend but I think he deserves to be in this.

Ryan- I hate him. So fucking much. He's such a freak it's unbelievable. He's one of those guys that thinks that everyone is his friend when he actually hangs around with the Goon Platoon and everyone pretends to be his friend because they feel sorry for him. I hate his motherfucking guts! I just wish I had the chance to beat his fucking fat-lipped face into a bloody pulp. AAAARRRRRGGGG!

*Breathes in and out heavily* I'm calm. I'm calm.

What else can I write? This is harder than I thought. OK then. Right now, I'm watching ER, writing this and participating in an on-line RP (Role Playing) on Warrior Realms. An RP is like a book that you write on the spot, with different people as different characters. And I don't care if it's sad. It's really good fun and it lets me write. If it gets really good then I'll try and post it on here to see if anyone else likes it enough. But until then...
It's good fun. So far, it's about me an this other girl and how I'm tryin to kill her because she murbdered my father an it wasn't her and so on and so forth. If you're interested then give it a read. If your not then too bad.
I can also rant about school for a bit. I'm really pissed off with Chemestry cause I'm not allowed to take Higher Chemestry. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGG!!! It's really anoyin. But I'm not as bad as Danny who's not allowed to take Geo or Chem at Higher. Ouch.
I've got nothing left to say now. So bye!!!


Thursday, May 20, 2004
Hello. I'm Joe, a 15 year old geek from Glasgow. Well I don't think I'm a geek but since that's the general opinion of all my friends I guess I'll go with that. What else? I guess that I can start with what I like. I love books, especially fantasy and stuff like Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials. I like Video Games like RPGs (Zelda and Final Fantasy rules!) and I have a new found love in Anime. I'm trying to save up for a DVD or something, but you don't care about that. I love to draw all the time, mostly Anime but I like to draw serious things too. God I'm boring. I guess I'll tell you about my friends now...

Danny- My best friend for going on 4 years. What else can I say? He's gay (I'm not) and he's not shy about expressing it. Which makes things quite embarrasing when we're in the centre. He's kinda insane. Example: He wishes that he had an OCD just so he could be like the main guy from "Camp". Very strange, I know. His blog is if you want to see him.

Jenny- My other Best Friend for about 2 years. She's tall, blonde, blue eyes and (She's gonna slap me if she reads this) VERY big boobs. Itz a shame really cause it gets her unwanted attention but it'll be easier for her to get dates when she's older (And stops being so naive). She's great though.

Chaz- Great fun Charlotte is. See I thought I could say lots of things about her but my minds gone blank... She's tall... If she finds out that I know nothin about her she'll stab me... Ah! She used to be friends with my old Best Friend put he is an Ass Wank so... Is that it?

Heatherbell- Her real name is just Heather. She's a midjit. I'm a giant. It's so funny when we stand beside each other. She's small but she's very evil and she's got power in her left hook. (I would know). Crap, I can't say anything about her either. This is turning out to be a really boring thing...

Micheal- Also known as "Sleepy Jean" after that very funny day in Maths. Micheal is the guy that I do my game talk with. He's kinda an Insomniac so he plays games until 4 in the morning (Every night) and he's the best guy to talk to about game reviews and stuff like that. I don't think he's knida all there if you know what I mean. God, he'd prob agree with me. It's a shame that he's moving during the summer. Won't be anyone to bless me peace during English. Ah well.

I really need to come off now so I'll try an fill in more stuff about me next time.